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"Rogan, how are you feeling?"

"Surprisingly well considering."

"Any pain?"

A light flushed filled Rogan's face. "Define pain."

Julian frowned. "Does anything hurt?"

"Well, there's a definite ache in my ass." Rogan chuckled. "But other than that I feel fine, great, in fact."

Suddenly understanding the meaning behind Rogan's words, and enjoying the delightful man that had woken up, Julian stretched on the bed next to his mate. "I imagine I can help you with that ache if you want."

"Not dressed you can't."

"Want to bet?" Julian grinned as he moved in, pressing his lips against Rogan's. The man's acceptance was instantaneous, which thrilled Julian down to his toes. A growl of satisfaction built in Julian's throat when he felt Rogan lean into the kiss, his mouth opening and allowing Julian in.

It was a heady feeling, having such acceptance. It made Julian ache. The need to dominate Rogan again and claim him was almost overwhelming. He'd been pretty rough on Rogan last night and he wanted to be just a bit gentler this time around. Rogan deserved it.

Julian kept his lips pressed against Rogan's, their tongues brushing together as they explored each other. He pushed against Rogan until the man rolled onto his back then moved over the top of him.

The feeling of Rogan's skin under his hands drove Julian crazy. It was soft and silky, hot and hard. It felt perfect under Julian's fingertips. He pushed the blanket down as far as he could, wanting to explore more of Rogan's skin.

 "Julian," Rogan moaned as he tugged at his shirt, "take off your clothes. It's been so long. I want to feel you."

"Me first."

Julian didn't give Rogan a chance to say anything more. He claimed the man's mouth with a hunger that quickly consumed them both. He could feel Rogan's chest moving rapidly up and down as he panted.

Julian moved his lips away from Rogan's mouth and kissed a small trail down his face to his throat. He licked at the small pulse that beat against his lips. The sweet taste of the man's skin exploded across his tongue. Julian groaned, never having felt anything better in his life.

He moved further down Rogan's body, wanting to explore more, to taste more. He'd never tasted anything so sweet yet masculine. He took particular interest in the twin brown hued nubs that decorated Rogan's chest. The musty taste there was stronger, more masculine than sweet. Julian paid them special attention, rubbing his tongue across them then gently biting down.

Rogan squirmed beneath him. The loud groans that filled the room also filled Julian's soul. He'd waited years to hear those soft sounds come from his mate, more time than anyone should have to wait. He didn't think he'd ever get tired of hearing them.

And the groans just turned louder the farther down Rogan's body that Julian moved. They turned into one continuous moan and full body trembles by the time Julian hovered over Rogan's hard cock. He gently blew across the straining erection.

"Fuck, Julian, what are you doing?"

Julian grinned as he licked away the small pearly drops pooling at the tip of Rogan's cock. "I'm having fun," Julian said through their bond. "What are you doing?"

"Losing my fucking mind!"

"Good." Julian chuckled then went back to what he was doing, admiring the thick solid cock in front of his face. But he wanted to do more than admire it. He wanted to taste it. Julian opened his mouth and gulped down Rogan's entire length.

"Julian!" Rogan screamed as he arched into the air.

Julian swallowed hard, trying not to gag when Rogan's hard cock was shoved further into his mouth. His movements had an added affect when his throat muscles gently massaged Rogan's cock.

"Like that, baby?"

"Oh god, don't stop," Rogan groaned. "I've never—"

"Never what, mate?" Julian had to ask. He was intrigued by the sudden intensity he could hear in Rogan's voice.

"Never felt anything… anything like it."

Surprised, Julian glanced up to Rogan's face. The man's head was moving back and forth on the pillow with wild abandon. His hands were clenched in the sheets besides his body. His face was flushed.

Rogan looked as sexy as hell.

"How about this?" Julian asked as swiped his tongue across the tip, licking away the drops of pre-cum gathering there. At the same time, Julian licked his fingers then reached back and pressed two of them into his own ass.

He had claimed Rogan last night and ridden him hard. This time, he wanted to be the one claimed. He knew exactly how gorgeous Rogan's cock was, and how large. Rogan was even bigger than he was. The thought of the man pounding into his ass made Julian as hard as stone.

Julian released Rogan's cock and worked his way down to the man's balls, sucking them gently then licking them with his tongue. Rogan's legs spread, giving Julian more access. Rogan brought his knees up then let them fall to the side.

Julian looked up and groaned at the wanton picture his mate made. He looked totally debauched spread out the way he was with a soft glow of passion making his skin look flushed.  Julian couldn't stand it anymore. He needed to feel Rogan inside of him before he exploded.

He quickly shoved two more fingers into his ass, stretching himself as fast as he could. Julian winced in discomfort but not much. He liked a bit of pain with his pleasure. He liked knowing he was being taken.

"Are you ready for me, baby?" Julian asked out loud.

"Yes, god, yes!"