Adult Excerpt
Stealing His Warrior's Heart

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"You've caught me fair and square, Captain of the Royal Guard of the House of Elvellon," Nix whispered seductively as he could. The Goddess Akasha had smiled on him this morning when they put a handsome warrior in his bed."Now, what are you going to do with me?"

Nix rolled over, cuddling further under Mael. Feeling Mael's strong arms wrapped around him made Nix feel wanted and protected...and hornier than hell. He pushed his butt back, feeling Mael's cock poke him. It was only half hard, but Nix still wanted to feel it deep inside of him.

Nix yelped when he was flipped onto his back.

"Someone wants a cock buried deep in their ass, doesn't he?"

"Mael," Nix whimpered as a hot wave of lust swept through him. "Please, I need."

"You need me." Mael's deep whiskey voice floated over Nix like a soft caress.


Mael growled as he shifted between Nix's legs. He manacled Nix's wrists, bringing them above his head with one hand as the other skimmed down his side. Nix shivered at the contact. Mael's hazel-green eyes were intense as he gazed into Nix's eyes.

Nix groaned when Mael grabbed his neck and kissed him with a hunger that fringed on madness. Nix opened, taking Mael's tongue into his mouth as his legs spread apart, telling his lover that Mael had complete control.

 Nix pulled one hand free and then snaked it between them, grabbing both their cocks in his hand as he pulled at them, trying his best to stroke them, but Mael's cock was too large for his hands, making Nix fumble instead in his efforts. Mael's chest vibrated with a low growl as he ground his cock into Nix's hand.

At that moment, all Nix wanted was to feel Mael deep inside of him.

 "Please, Mael. I can't take it." He moaned as Mael sucked his nipple into his mouth. He was too close to the edge.

Mael grinned wickedly around the brown disc. "On your knees," Mael commanded.

Nix rolled to his hands and knees and stuck his ass out, waiting for that wonderful huge, fat cock to fill him. He hissed when two more fingers entered him. Nix bit his bottom lip, pushing back as Mael stretched him. It felt fantastic. Mael's dry hand skated up his back, making Nix's skin break out in gooseflesh. He was going to pass out from the sheer pleasure Mael was giving him.

Nix's eyes shot open when he felt Mael insert three fingers inside of him. Whoa, that was a lot. Nix squirmed around as Mael moved his fingers inside of him, pressing and twisting, scissoring and bending. Nix soon was fucking Mael's fingers, riding them.

Nix curled his fingers into the blankets as Mael's fingers were pulled free and the warrior's thick cock entered him from behind. He could feel himself stretching wide for Mael. The pleasure racing through his body left him speechless. Nix whimpered and moaned as Mael plunged into him with his cock. He bit the pillow to stop from screaming his head off.

He cried out, the feeling threatening to drown him. Nix spread his legs farther apart as he rocked his ass back and up, wanting Mael to fuck him until he was unconscious. Mael hammered into him. It was raw, fast, and made Nix's head swoon. He keened and mewled, begging his lover to take him harder.

 "My little thief is enjoying this."

"Yes, more. Harder." Nix got what he begged for.

Mael spread his ass cheeks apart and began to pound into him. He turned his powerful thrusts to long, deep penetrating strokes, hitting Nix's sweet spot every damn time he pulled back or pushed in. Nix was mewling, begging, whining, and pleading. Mael just chuckled as if mastering Nix was his sole purpose in life.

"Nix, my beautiful little thief," Mael crooned as his body stiffened and he rocketed into Nix's over-sensitized hole.

Fingers dug into his hips as Mael switched his position, tagging Nix's prostate on every damn stroke. His body tingled and buzzed, his heart beating faster as he felt the all-too-familiar tingling shoot up his spine.

Nix shoved his face deeper into the pillow as he came while he met Mael's thrust for thrust. White bursts of light lit up behind his eyes as wave after wave of electricity racketed his body.

Mael suddenly jerked behind him and then stiffened, roaring out his release. He pounded harder into Nix, a growl falling from the man's lips as he shot every last drop of cum in his balls into Nix's ass.

Nix shuddered as mini orgasms pulled at his sensitive cock. Nix groaned, holding onto Mael's arms as he rode through them. Never had sex been this mind-blowing. He inhaled deeply, the scent of man and sweat and cum filling the air.

It was intoxicating.

Nix slumped over onto the bed, trying desperately to catch his breath as Mael eased out of him. All Nix wanted was a nap right now. He collapsed down onto the bed, wanting desperately to go back to sleep.

He grunted when he felt the cooling cum underneath him and then crawled onto Mael, lying across his wide chest. He shivered when he felt Mael's callused hands stroke over the skin of his back, starting at the top between his shoulder blades and moving down to the crack of his ass and then over the swell of his ass cheeks.

"Careful, Captain," he murmured. "I could get used to this."

"Yes." Mael's response was simple, and yet perfect.

Nix's lips rubbed against Mael's hot, sweaty skin when he smiled. He knew Mael's agreement was truthful. The man just didn't have it in him to lie. He was too honorable for that. Nix just didn't see anything ever coming of it, no matter how much he wished differently.