Adult Excerpt
Stolen Desires

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Quickly taking the exit, Ryce drove the truck far enough down the road that they couldn’t be seen from the main road. Pulling the truck to a stop, he turned it off before looking over at Cary. "Strip!"

Cary seemed all to eager to obey as he pulled his shirt over his head, pushed his shoes off of his feet, and his pants down his legs. He was quick too, naked and waiting in mere seconds.

Ryce could feel his mouth water as he took in Cary’s beautiful body. He had been right too. Cary had pearly white skin all of the way down. He was breathtaking, every last glorious inch of him. Ryce knew that if he didn’t get a piece of him soon, he just might die.

"Come here," Ryce ordered as he scooted to sit in the middle of the truck bench seat. Cary immediately complied, moving over to straddle Ryce’s legs. Ryce held his breath as he brought his hands up and laid them on Cary’s shoulders, letting it out slowly as he stroked down his chest.

"Oh, that feels good," Cary groaned as his head dropped back on his shoulders. "I like the way you feel touching me." So did Ryce.

Ryce quickly pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the seat beside him before putting his hands back on Cary’s chest. His skin was smooth and silky, Ryce’s hands slid right over him.

"Can I touch you?" Cary asked, immediately placing his hands to mirror Ryce’s when he nodded. "Damn, this is nice."

Ryce couldn’t agree more. Just one touch of Cary’s hands on his body and he was ready to blow. It might be a good idea to get this show on the road. He could explore later. It wasn’t like Cary was going anywhere. He was Ryce’s mate.

"Lift up."

The second Cary stood up, bent over in the little cab, Ryce grabbed the lube out of his pocket, then unzipped his jeans and pushed them down his legs. He held the bottle of lube out to Cary, his eyebrow lifted in query.

"You know what to do with this?"

"Oh yeah," Cary replied with a grin, grabbing the little bottle and opening it, squirting a liberal amount onto his fingers before handing the bottle back to Ryce. Ryce nearly bit off his tongue when Cary reached behind himself and stared applying the lube.

He wished he had taken the time to drive them home where there were lights. He wanted to see what Cary was doing. But the soft groan that came from Cary’s lips as he rode his fingers told Ryce there wasn’t time. Neither of them were going to last much longer.

Ryce reached down and grabbed his cock in one hand, Cary’s in the other, and began stroking both of them in a slow steady pace. He could hear the effects he was having on Cary by the soft little whimpers that started coming from his mouth. Damn, he was hot!

"Now, do it now," Cary begged, pulling his hand free and grabbing Ryce’s shoulders as he scooted forward and straddled his thighs once more.

Ryce held his cock in place as Cary slowly lowered himself down, removing it once Cary’s body had a hold of him to grab his hips and thrust up into him. His eyes dropped close and a long groan fell from his lips as Cary’s tight channel gripped him.

He couldn’t help thrusting up into Cary, savoring the feel of him tightening around his cock. The soft moan that fell from Cary’s lips made Ryce feel a little better. He wasn’t the only one feeling the intensity of their mating.

Opening his eyes, he looked over at Cary, surprised by the flushed cheeks, the half-closed eyes filled with desire, the lips slightly parted. Cary was a dream when he was aroused. If it had been nothing but that, Ryce would have been hard as a rock.

But it was the knowledge that Cary was his mate, that they were bound together by fate, and his sweet masculine scent all rolled together with the awareness that Cary actually wanted to be here with him that had Ryce ready to come moments later.

Ryce grabbed Cary’s hips, holding him still as he quickly thrust up into him, his fingers digging into his soft skin with each thrust. He could feel Cary’s inner muscles tightening around him as Cary’s head fell back on his shoulders and he started whimpering.

"Oh fuck, just like that—harder," Cary cried out as he reached down and grabbed his leaking cock, stroking it rapidly.

Ryce was only to eager follow Cary’s demand, quickening his pace as he pulled Cary’s body down against his, thrusting upwards harder and deeper. "Like that, baby?"

Cary tilted his head forward meeting his eyes, nodding rapidly. Ryce guessed that he would have answered him verbally if his lower lip wasn’t caught between his teeth. He seemed too be very busy concentrating on what he was doing to answer.

"You going to come for me, Cary?" Ryce asked as he pointedly looked down at where Cary was quickly stroking his cock. His breath caught in his throat as he watched the head of Cary’s cock swell, then spew forth streams of white pearly ambrosia.

The sound of Cory’s cries, the tightening of his muscles around Ryce’s cock, and the sweet smell of Cary’s seed had Ryce following him seconds later. His head fell back against the bench seat as he clenched his teeth together, growling loudly as his pumped into Cory.