Story Excerpt
Stolen Desires

flame div

Ryce walked into the bar, not knowing what to expect or even if he would find someone to be with tonight. It had been ages since he had been to a bar, even a gay bar. And, while this bar was known to have both people of all orientations, Ryce had never been in it. He was always too afraid that he would see Saul here. He didn’t know if he could handle that.

He had cautiously searched the parking lot for Saul’s truck before coming in. He didn’t know which bar Saul was at, but it wasn’t this one. He didn’t know if he was thankful or disappointed.

Ordering a beer, Ryce turned around and leaned his back up against the bar as he surveyed the room. He could see several possible marks in the room but none that jumped out at him. Nothing that made his cock hard enough to be of any use to him.

Just as he was starting to turn around and grab his beer, a brief shot of bright blue caught his attention. His eyes quickly zeroed in on the bright blue fabric, raising up to meet eyes just as blue, just as bright, with a definite gleam of interest.

Ryce could feel his cock perk right up wanting an introduction. Ryce nodded his acknowledgement, not wanting to seem too eager, even if he was. He hadn’t seen someone that sexy since he had met Saul.

The softest cream colored skin that he had ever seen framed the blue eyes staring back at him. Framing the high cheekbones and perkiest pinks lips he had ever seen was collar length sunlight blond hair, waving freely around the man’s face.

His stature couldn’t have been more than five foot seven or eight but he held it well. Ryce could see that the smaller man was in shape by the way his tight shirt fit, maybe even muscled, but not overly so. Just enough to not be shapeless.

His legs, however, belied his short height, seeming to go on forever. Ryce could picture in his mind what those legs would look like wrapped around his waist as he thrust himself into the man. Just imagining it made his cock jump and down for joy.

Ryce knew he was in trouble the minute the man started dancing in his direction. Each little sway of his hips was met by an answering throb in Ryce’s pants. He seemed to know just how much to swing his hips as he walked to get the desired effect, and getting the desired effect he most certainly was.

The cock trapped in Ryce’s pants was so hard, he wondered if it would break if he moved wrong. As faded and worn as his jeans were, he was afraid they might burst if the man touched him.

Ryce’s hands gripped the wooden bar top behind him as the man sashayed up to him, grinning and showing off perfect white teeth. He pushed himself right between Ryce’s legs, pressing his tight little body against him.

"Hello, handsome. Where have you been all my life?"

Oh hell, even his voice was sexy. Ryce held his breath as he stared down at the man standing between his legs. If he smelled as good as he looked, as good as he sounded, Ryce was a goner. He’d pick the little man up, throw him over his shoulder, and drag his ass some place where he could find out if the glorious pearly tint to his skin went all of the way down.

"Well? Aren’t you going to say anything? Or are you going for that strong silent type of thing? I like strong and silent, especially the strong part," the man purred as he rubbed himself against Ryce. "Silent, not so much. I like to hear my lover when we fuck!"

Ryce’s eyes widened in astonishment. He was stunned. He didn’t know whether to laugh or agree with him. The gorgeous man was good as saying that they were going to have sex, like the decision had already been made.

Opening his mouth to reply, Ryce inhaled, getting a good dose of his heady scent. It was woodsy, manly, virile, and every other addictive scent Ryce had ever smelled all rolled into one. Every nerve ending in his body went haywire, short-circuiting everything but the deep uncontrollable need to claim the man standing before him.

Ryce quickly reached down and grabbed the man by his arms, absently noting the strong muscles in said arms. "Do you know who I am?" he growled quietly.

"I know what you are, not who you are. I figure we can discuss that after you claim me," the man replied before he leaned up and inhaled deeply, his nose nearly touching Ryce’s throat. "You smell really, really good. I want to get naked and roll all over you until I have your scent wrapped around me." Oh, he was good.

"What’s your name?" Ryce asked as he tried desperately to regain some composure, some control over his raging hormones.

"Honey? Darling? Baby? Lover? Mate? I could go on, you know," the man laughed.

Ryce just growled. He was way over his head right now and the man in his arms seemed to be enjoying it way too much. He was also a huge flirt. Something, that on any other occasion, Ryce would find amusing. Right now, it just drove him crazy. "Your name?"

The little man rolled his eyes. "Fine. My name is Carrington Jones but everyone calls me Cary. And please, no jokes about it being a girl’s name because believe me, I’ve heard them all a hundred times."

"Cary," Ryce said.

"Mmm, I like the way you say that. Makes my dick hard. Here, want to feel?" Cary nearly purred as he grabbed one of Ryce’s hands and pulled it down to cup him through his pants.

Ryce thought his eyes were going to cross. Cary was right. It did make his cock hard, damn hard, but not nearly as hard as Cary made Ryce. He wanted to bend Cary over the bar right there and then and fuck him. Still, he had to be sure.

"Who am I?"

He watched as Cary’s eyebrows drew together in a little frown. "My mate," Cary replied as if Ryce should already know that.

That was good enough for Ryce.