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Stryking Out

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"Holy fuck!" I gasped as I took in the sexy man stretched out across my bed. "There is a fairy godmother."

William chuckled.


I frowned. "How did you get into my apartment?"

William stretched, showing off all of his rippled plains and golden valleys. Good god, there were a lot of them. "Is that what you really want to know, Frankie?"

"Yes?" My answer sounded unsure even to my own ears, but come on...gorgeous naked man with lust in his eyes lying on my bed?

Could you blame me?

William scooted back until he was leaning up against the stack of pillows at the top of my bed then crooked his finger at me. "Join me."

It did not sound like a question.

But who was I do deny such an intriguing demand? I dropped the towel and climbed up the bottom of the bed—slowly—until I reached William's thighs. I was no dancer, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I still heard William's breath catch.

Go me!

Of course, I was the one unable to breath when I got a better look at the baseball bat William had between his legs. Damn, God had been really nice to him when he was handing out dicks. This one was a true beauty. Nice and long, heavily veined, and thick enough to make me feel every inch.

I flashed William a mischievous grin before swiping my tongue across the head of his penis. Elation filled me when William hissed. There were many things I was good at, but I was a master at sucking cock.

I should've had an award.

I wrapped my lips around the head then sucked my way down his thick length. I bobbed my head a few times before swallowing William's entire cock down my throat.

Yep, you got it. No gag reflex.

I felt William's appreciation for my oral skills when his hands fisted in my hair and the muscles of his thighs turned to stone. The man was rock hard against me, his entire body.

As I licked at him, my lips wrapped tightly around his thickness, William let out a long groan, I glanced up at him, smiling when I saw his head tilted back, his eyes closed. Guess he was enjoying himself.

"Fuck, baby, that's so pretty," William said as I ran my tongue up the thick, veined sides of his cock. William's hands gripped the blankets, his fingers almost white.

"Like that, do you?" I asked. When William nodded, I chuckled. "Then you're going to love this."

I swallowed William's cock until my nose pressed against his groin then tightened my lips and started quickly bobbing my head up and down.

"Frankie, baby, you don't know how good that feels." William shuddered against me. "Your mouth is perfect."

I grinned around William's girth and then continued to move my mouth up and down the man's long length. I wanted William to remember this blow job for the rest of his life. Using my tongue, my lips, and my mouth, I went about driving William out of his mind.

"Gonna come, baby." William tangled his hands in my hair.

I increased my efforts until William's body suddenly stiffened. The cock in my mouth went rock hard, swelling just a bit then hot cream exploded into my mouth.

I swallowed down as fast as I could, continuing to lick and stroke with my tongue. Even when William was done, I refused to release the cock in my mouth. I just continued to love on William.

"Sit up. I want you to straddle my lap."

I sat up and swung my leg over William's, straddling his lap.

"I want you to face the other way then spread your legs over mine, Frankie."


I swung around and spread my legs until they hung on the outside of William's, groaning when the man's erection pressed up against my balls. I was a little surprised he was still hard considering he had just come.

I wasn't going to argue.

"Lean back against me and close your eyes, baby," William ordered. "And I want your hands up around my neck."

I leaned back against William's chest and closed my eyes. I lifted my arms and looped them around William's neck. William's arms immediately came around me. Long fingers wrapped around aching my cock, stroking me from root to tip.

Oh yeah, I could get used to this.

"No coming, Frankie, understand?"

I swallowed tightly then nodded.

I groaned as William stroked me. My heart beat rapidly, painfully, in my chest. My breath moved so quickly in and out of my lungs, I could barely breath. I ran my tongue over my dry lips to moisten them.

William continued manipulating my cock, taking me just to the edge then easing off. A thumb moved across the top, pressing down on the small slit. Other fingers moved to caress my tight little sac.

I whimpered.

A tingling at the base of my spine signaled my impending orgasm. I tried to hold it off. I didn't want to disappoint William. I pulled on William's hair. I tilted my head up so William could see the desperation on my face. I thrust my cock into William's hand. I couldn't stop. I needed to come.

Instead of giving me the relief I needed, William leaned forward and claimed my lips. I clutched William's neck. I didn't think he could go another moment without spilling. The tingle in my spin radiated outward, expanding my pleasure until every nerve ending burned.

"Will-William," I begged.

I didn't care that I was begging.

William suddenly lifted me up and spun me around, placing me on all fours on the bed.  I gave a surprised yelp and barely had time to brace myself before thick fingers slicked up with lube pushed into my ass.

The first two took my breath away. The third one made me groan. The fourth one made me wonder if I could take the guy. Sure, big was nice. Huge could be really uncomfortable the next day.

Hard hands gripped my hips, holding me in place as William pushed his cock pushed into my ass. He made a couple of slow thrusts then started riding me like a bucking bronco. He pounded into my ass over and over again.

I curled my hands into the blankets and held on for the ride. I knew it wouldn't be a long one. William was too aroused. I could tell by the ferocity of his thrusts. They were quick, uncoordinated, and deep.

William sounded like he was growling with each thrust.

"Stroke yourself, baby, but don't come until I say."


He wanted me to wait until he said?

Good luck with that, buddy.