Story Excerpt
Sweet Oblivion

flame div

Can you say yum?

I can. I had seen a lot of sexy men over the years, especially in my line of work, but I couldn't ever remember seeing one as sexy as the man sitting across the bar from me. He gave new meaning to the words sex on a stick.

He was simply gorgeous. 

And he had my full attention. He had my cock's attention too. From the second I spotted him I had gone from merely checking out the crowd to finding me a flat surface and fuck me until I can't walk. And it had only taken a matter of seconds. That might have been a new record for me.

Yeah, I was easy.

So the fuck what?

I knew a good lay when I saw one and this guy promised to make all of my dreams come true and maybe invent a few new ones. He was sex personified. Christ, he couldn't even walk across the room without every eye in the place turning to watch him. The power in his stride alone was enough to make my balls tingle.

There was something commanding about him, dangerous, something to be feared. It was almost as if all of the air in the room had been sucked out the moment he stepped inside. This was a man that knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to take it. And if I was lucky, he'd be taking me later tonight.

I knew I was good looking. Hell, I was damn near Michael Angelo material. Or so I had been told. My looks were both a blessing and a curse. I was pretty enough to usually get what I wanted but no one ever took me seriously.

I snorted softly to myself. Apparently brains did not go hand in hand with looks. You either got one or the other. I have been blessed with astonishing good looks so that meant I had to be as dumb as a box of rocks.

If only.

There were times that I loved my looks, and I certainly knew how to use them. I could wiggle my ass and have men bowing at my feet. It often kept a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I had been told I had the sweetest ass in the universe.

My ass really was my masterpiece. It was tight, rounded just enough to be a handful, and curved out my jeans like a wet dream. Add in my nicely sculpted abs, tanned sleek skin, baby blue eyes and light blond hair, and I had the total package.

With any luck, tonight it would get me a few hours in Mr. Sexy's bed. Hell, I wouldn't even charge him. I just wanted to feel his over abundance of muscles sweating over my body as he fucked me into the mattress.

Or any flat surface.

As good as he looked, I would take a round surface at this point.

I ignored the men that called out to me and the hands that reached out to stroke my skin as I sauntered across the room, putting an extra bit of sway into my hips. My target was in sight and I was going in for the kill.  

I knew the moment he spotted me. I could feel my skin begin to tingle, and my balls tightening up close to my body. My cock was rock hard. As tight as my pants were, I knew my package was expertly outlined by the thin fabric.

The closer I walked, the more heated my skin became. I could almost feel his dick pounding into me. My hole pulsed around the butt plug I had inserted into my ass earlier tonight in anticipation. I knew I was going to be fucked when I left my little apartment tonight. I just didn't know by whom.

Until now.

I fingered the collar of my white shirt and then let my hand trail lazily down the front of my chest as I licked my lips. I could almost smell the man's growing arousal as he watched the tiny movement of my tongue. I let it flicker out and move against my lower lip.

That’s right. Show me you're interested, handsome.

I ignored the shocked looks of the other men sitting at the table with my eye candy. I didn't care about them. They didn't exist as far as I was concerned. No one did except the man turning toward me and parting his thick muscular thighs in silent invitation.

It was an invitation I had no qualms about accepting.

I didn't say a word as straddled the man's thighs like an expert bull rider. From the desire I could see burning in his vivid blue eyes, no words were needed. He knew exactly why I was there just as much as I did. I could feel it in the hard cock pressing up against my ass.

I felt an involuntary shiver race through my body when the man's large hands closed around my waist. I kid you not, they were so large that he could almost completely encircle my entire waist.

And they weren't pushing me away, either. They were pulling me closer. God, my fucking cock ached. My need was growing with every passing second. I knew if I didn't get this man's cock in my ass in the next five minutes, I was going to blow without him.

And wouldn't that be the saddest thing on earth?