Story Excerpt
Sweet Treats

flame div

Brandon yelped as he felt his feet go out from beneath him, hitting the ground with a thud. He lifted his hand to wipe his curls from his face only to realize that he still had a can of soda in it. He couldn't help laughing.

The back of his shorts felt wet, telling him that he probably had grass stains on them. He could even feel a small rip in the hem. But he hadn't spilled a drop of his soda. The more he thought about it, the more hysterical his laughter became.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Brandon turned his head up to see a tall, tanned, muscular, mountain of a man standing over him. His interest peeked immediately. He was gorgeous from the top of his dark brown head to the bottom of his long… long legs.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but thanks for asking."

The man squatted down next to Brandon, his gaze traveling over his smaller body. "Mind if I have a look? I'm a doctor." You mean, put your strong powerful hands on my body?

"Okay," Brandon replied, a grin forming on his lips as the man began checking his legs, then farther up his body. Brandon knew he couldn't miss the tent growing in his pants.

His gaze traveled over the sexy man, not missing anything. He had short dark brown hair, beautiful emerald green eyes, a strong square jaw with just a hint of a five o'clock shadow. His shoulders seemed as wide as a barn. And the thin white cotton tank top covering his chest looked like it barely containing his thick rippled muscles. He could even see a smattering of hair at the edges of his shirt.

Even his legs were hot. Long, slightly hairy, and totally muscular. Brandon loved a man that kept fit. But his ass, what Brandon could see of it from his position on the grass, was truly glorious… tight, rounded, and ready to be grabbed. Yum!

"Well," the man chuckled as he looked back at Brandon with shining green eyes, "I think you're going to be okay. Maybe you should cut back a little on the alcohol for the rest of the day."

"Oh, I don't drink, nothing but soda or water for me. I just slipped. One step and wham!" Brandon laughed, feeling like a fool. He certainly didn't mind meeting this gorgeous man, but he would have preferred doing it from some other position than his ass.

"You don't drink? Mind if I ask you why?"

"I'm a klutz. If you added alcohol to that, well, I'd probably be crawling everywhere so I didn't fall or stripping all my clothes off and running naked through the neighborhood. Wouldn't that give the garden club a stroke?"

"Oh, I don't know about that. I don't think I'd mind seeing you run naked anywhere," the man replied with a chuckle. He stood up and reached for Brandon's hand to pull him to his feet.

Brandon's eyes flew to his. Was he serious? Oh hell, he certainly hoped so. He had been single now for nearly two years, ever since he had kicked his last boyfriend loose for fooling around on him. It would be nice to meet someone new.

As he pulled Brandon to his feet their bodies came together chest to chest. He stared down into Brandon's baby blue eyes, his own eyes twinkling. "So, how much alcohol would it take to get you naked?"

Brandon's eyes widened slightly at his words. Then he began to smile. "How much do you have?"

He chuckled, "Hopefully, enough."

Brandon could almost guarantee it. As he craned his head back to stare up at the man, he realized just how tall the gorgeous doctor was. He stood at least half a foot taller than Brandon, which didn't bother Brandon a bit. He liked tall men.

"My name is Nicholas, but you can call me Nick."

"Brandon, but you can call me anything you want." I can even give you a few ideas.

Nick laughed, "Hello, Brandon."

Hot damn! Brandon felt every word in the rumbling of his chest. His voice was low and rough, like aged whiskey. Brandon could listen to him talk for hours.

"Hello," Brandon whispered, suddenly feeling breathless.

Nick glanced at the can of soda in Brandon's free hand, noting that it seemed nearly empty. "Is there anything I can get you?" Nick asked, nodding towards Brandon's half-empty soda can.

"I can think of several things," Brandon said softly. His glance darted down from Nick's eyes to his full lips before looking back up.

Nick's free hand came up to caress the side of Brandon's face briefly as he stared down into his eyes. It lasted only a few moments, but it seemed like hours as they just stared at each other.

When Nick finally removed his hand from Brandon's face, he chuckled at the small whimper of protest that Brandon let out. "How about that soda?"

It took Brandon a moment to clear his head and process what Nick was saying to him. Soda… right… he needed a new soda. Who in the hell was he kidding? He needed a flat surface.

"Yeah, a new soda would be great. Thanks."