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The Bear Naked Truth

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"If I'm your mate, then fucking do something about it."

Harvey's eyes rounded for just a moment. Was Dwayne saying what he thought he was? Was his mate demanding that Harvey claim him?

A little bit of his calm was restored to Harvey when he noticed the tremble of Dwayne's lip and the glint of fear in his deep blue eyes. Harvey realized it wasn't fear of him or the situation. It was fear of being rejected for a second time.

He wrapped his hand around the man's neck and pulled him closer. His mouth covered Dwayne's hungrily. Much to Harvey's surprise—and delight—Dwayne moaned and pushed into the kiss, his tongue coming out to brush against Harvey's. Dwayne's lips were soft and warm, sending spirals of ecstasy through Harvey.

Harvey tore his mouth away from Dwayne's and stared at the man. He fingered the fabric of Dwayne's shirt. "Off."

Harvey's breath caught in his throat as Dwayne stepped back a pace. He watched with hungry anticipation as Dwayne began unbuttoning his shirt. The smooth, bare chest revealed by each button set free had Harvey practically drooling.

His cock became so hard he thought it might rip right through his pants. Without taking his eyes off the visual feast being revealed before him, Harvey unbuttoned his own shirt and dropped it from his shoulders just about the same time that Dwayne's dropped to the floor.

"You are one sexy fucker, Dwayne."

"I'm glad you think so," Dwayne said as he reached for the zipper of his pants. Dwayne's eyebrow arched and a slow sensual grin lifted the corners of his lips. "You're not so bad yourself."

Dwayne's steady gaze bore into Harvey in silent expectation as they both unzipped their pants at the same time. Harvey laughed as he kicked off his shoes and wiggled out of his pants. Dwayne was doing the same thing. Harvey felt that they probably looked like big goofs as they tried to watch each other while stripping their clothes off.

Neither of them wanted to look away.

Finally, they were both naked, Harvey still sitting in a chair, Dwayne standing a step away from him. Harvey beckoned with his hand. "Come here, baby."

Dwayne stumbled over, his hands landing on Harvey's shoulders. Harvey fisted his fingers in Dwayne’s hair. He used it to pull the man’s face forward, slanting his mouth over Dwayne’s lips. Dwayne whimpered then leaned into the kiss, opening his mouth to allow Harvey in.

Harvey almost lost his hold on Dwayne when the man scrambled to get closer, pressing his body against Harvey’s then rubbing against him.

Dwayne groaned when Harvey ran his tongue quickly across his lips before diving into his mouth, kissing him for all he was worth. He was instantly overwhelmed by the sweet taste of honey and fresh berries.

Dwayne’s hands clutched at Harvey’s shoulders as he explored the depths of his mouth, running tongue along the seam of Dwayne’s lips. He felt his canines drop down, the need to claim Dwayne riding him hard.

“Dwayne,” Harvey murmured when he finally lifted his head. He opened his eyes to look down at him, chuckling at the stunned look in his deep blue eyes. He stroked his hands further down Dwayne’s body, feeling the smooth lean muscled skin beneath him.

Harvey bent his head to lick at the soft skin between Dwayne’s neck and shoulder. As he swiped his tongue over the sensitive flesh, he felt Dwayne shudder then groan as he arched his neck, giving Harvey better access to his throat.

Harvey scraped his teeth gently across the small patch of skin. He reached down to grab Dwayne’s straining cock, rubbing his hand briefly over the hard flesh. As his thumb skimmed across the top, smearing pre-cum in its wake, he scraped his teeth over his neck again.

“Can I claim you, Dwayne?” he whispered. He had to know Dwayne wanted this just as much as he did. No matter how much he wanted this, he refused to force Dwayne into a claiming he didn't want.

“Yesss,” Dwayne hissed. His hands came up to grab Harvey’s head, his fingers clenching in Harvey’s hair as he pulled his head down to his neck. “Now, Harvey, do it now!”

Harvey tightened his fingers around the hard length in his hand, quickly stroking Dwayne’s cock as he sank his teeth into the man’s neck. His eyes drifted closed as he savored the sweet taste. Dwayne tasted just as he did when Harvey had kissed him, like honey and berries. It was a delicious flavor that he knew he could easily become obsessed with.

Harvey opened his eyes as extracted his teeth, licked the bite wound closed, and lifted his head, looking down in astonishment as Dwayne cried out. His hips lifted frantically, pushing against Harvey as he came, covering Harvey’s hand with shot after shot of pearly white seed.

“Fuck!” he whispered vehemently, feeling his own cock throb with the need to come. That was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He lifted his hand to his lips, his tongue darting out to lick at some of the seed on his hand.

Oh damn!

Even this tasted like honey and fresh berries, just a bit tangier. It even had the cream to go with it. Harvey was doomed. It was as simple as that. Everything about Dwayne said that he was going to quickly become an obsession, if not a downright need— like breathing.

Harvey grinned as he scooted down Dwayne’s body. A moment later, Dwayne was crying out again as Harvey took his still sensitive cock into his mouth, his tongue cleaning up any remaining seed as he licked his cock up one side and back down the other.

His tongue swirled around the helmet, licking at the clear liquid that seemed to have multiplied as his other hand reached beneath Dwayne and gently massaged the man’s balls. He leaned a little closer, taking Dwayne’s cock further into his mouth as his tongue flattened and ran the length of Dwayne’s cock.

Harvey kept his mouth wrapped around Dwayne's dick as he grabbed the man's ankles and lifted them up further on the mattress. Dwayne's legs naturally fell apart. Harvey bobbed up and down on Dwayne's cock several times before lifting his head, grinning when Dwayne whined in protest.

"Do you like that, baby?"

Dwayne's dazed eyes just blinked down at him.