Adult Excerpt
The Doctor's Patience

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Sam slammed the infirmary door behind him puzzled by his anger at Doc, but still angry that Doc was interested in someone enough to stop dating. He must have some pretty serious feelings towards this person if he was willing to stop dating just so he wouldn’t mess up the relationship.

A tumble of chaotic thoughts and emotions assailed him. Why in the hell was he so concerned with who Doc was dating? What was it to him who he dated, who he slept with? But just the thought of Doc having sex with anyone else filled him with rage. His mind reeled in confusion.

Sam suddenly stopped walking almost as if he had hit a brick wall. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to know who Doc was interested in. It would eat him up if he didn’t. Sam spun around and walked back to the infirmary. He tried not to exam his feelings too much. He had no business prying into Doc’s private life but he couldn’t seem to stop himself.

Opening the infirmary door he looked around for Doc. He wasn’t in the waiting area or the exam room but he could hear a noise coming from Doc’s office. He walked towards the office, pausing in the doorway. Doc’s back was to him and he was messing with some papers on his desk.

Sam walked right into the office grabbed Doc by his arms and spun him around. He heard Doc’s quick yelp of surprise as he pressed his mouth to his. His tongue explored the recesses of his mouth. Doc’s tormented groan was a heady invitation as he wrapped his arms more tightly around Doc and pressed his hard erection against Doc’s body.

If his lips hadn’t been lavishing Doc’s, Sam would have grinned as Doc wrapped his arms around his neck and arched into his body. An electrical shock raced through his body when he felt Doc’s erection press against his.

Without breaking their kiss Sam lifted Doc up and laid him back onto the desk. He leaned over Doc to press his body over his, their hard cocks rubbing together through their pants. He groaned when Doc lifted his legs to wrap them around his waist bringing them even closer together. He moved faster against Doc, creating intense friction between them.

Sam’s mouth gaped open suddenly as he felt himself begin to orgasm. It was perfect, electric, and sensual. He tossed his head back and growled low and deep and needy as he exploded in his pants. In the background he dimly heard Doc groan as he too found release in Sam’s embrace.

Sam rested his head on Doc’s shoulder for a brief moment before standing up and staring down at Doc’s dazed expression. He never knew a man could look beautiful, but in that brief moment the satisfied expression on Doc’s face was more beautiful then anything he had ever seen. He wanted to put that expression on Doc’s face again and again. And that scared the crap out of Sam because he wanted more.

Sam stepped back when Doc reached up towards him. He watched Doc’s hand fall slowly back to his lap. The disappointment and bewilderment was clear on Doc’s face. He knew he was confusing Doc but his emotions were too chaotic to explain.

"Sam?" Doc whispered. The husky sound of Doc’s voice as he said his name had Sam nearly running for the door. He didn’t want to examine his actions to closely right now. They were too raw, too jumbled. He had just received more pleasure releasing in his pants than he’d ever had with anyone he had ever been with.

"Sam?" Doc cried out, this time his voice was low and tormented as he watched Sam race from the room. What had just happened? Doc pressed his hand over his face, the shock of the last few moments paralyzing him where he sat.

His face flushed with humiliation and anger at himself. The minute Sam touched him he had been a goner. That’s why he had taken such pains to maintain a distance from him. He knew he would not be able to fight his attraction to Sam. He never dreamed Sam would come to him.

Okay, that wasn’t exactly true. He fantasized about that constantly. But he never truly thought it would happen. Now that it had, he didn’t want it to end. He gloried briefly in the shared moment with Sam. It had been everything he had dreamed about and then some. He knew that they would be explosive together. Now he just had to convince Sam of it.