The Katzman's Dictionary


Al'Hareen Oasis: on oasis in the Leonidia Province. Boasts a fresh water pool, natural springs, and trees. 2 day ride from the Leonid pridehome.

Al Harees: a dish of meat and wheat slow-cooked in a clay oven or pot and served with butter. No cinnamon or sugar is added.

Ashu: "shit"

Bediensteter Caste: servants

Bisht: an outer cloak/robe usually only worn for special occasions such as weddings, or festivals. Bishts are trimmed with beautiful golden embroidery.   

Bergius Fighter Ship: a fighter ship equipped with short range pulse cannons. It’s cheap to purchase, easy to maneuver, and common in the system. It can support a crew of two. Has no cargo bay.

Brüter Caste: Only those with superior genetics were chosen as brüters. Feed him meat, ensuring that he would be fertile when they had sex. See Brüter Covenant

Danga Juice: sweet tasting fruit juice

Deflector Shields: shields surrounding a ship that allows them to navigate through planetary atmospheres as well as deflect space debris and weapons fire. The bigger the energy cells, the stronger the shields.

Desert Thorn: see Shawii Plant

Elquone: Quentara sector planet. Homeworld of Demyan and Saris

Energy Cells: cells that provide energy. (see sarybium)

Entya haby, entya hyety, entya a'lhabby:  "You are my love, you are my life, you are my heart"

Federation of Planets: a group of planets in the system that have banded together, following one set of laws and having peace/trade treaties with each other.

Hahyda: the heart of the pride, mate to the Shaikh.

Harees: a traditional desert dish consisting of wheat, meat (or chicken) and salt and covered with cinnamon and sugar

High Ruler: King or ruler of a planet

Holopad: a computerized pad that displays information. It measure approx. 5 inches wide, 8 inches long, and one inch deep.

Jarcon Fabric: a simple stretchable material that enabled people of different sizes to wear the same outfit. It stretched or returned to original size depending on the size of the wearer.

Khanja: a curved bladed knife.

Katzmann: homeworld of the Katzman race

Kuhmucca: a herd animal, much like a cow but has long hair hanging almost to the ground. They had two sets of horns on their heads, one right behind the other. They feed on grains and grass and are used for meat and mucca cream, which is made into cheese. They do not produce edible milk for anything other than their young.

Laser Guns: a gun that shoots short bursts of energized particles, effectively cutting through any close surface quickly and cleanly.

Leonid Pride: Katzman pride led by Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al'Abdalha

Mating Cycle: when a katzman finds his mate, he goes through a mating cycle. His possessive instincts during the mating cycle make him overly sensitive to any perceived threats to his claim on a mate. He’s very protective of his new mate. He has an overwhelming need to physically claim his mate, to protect him and cherish him.

Mate Price: a sum paid to the legal guardian of a pride member by his/her mate

Mating Rituals: during the mating ritual, mates exchanging blood and the male will knot inside of his mate. They gain telepathic speaking, and know where their mate is at all times.

Matriz: another name for matron or old lady

Mayht: "mate"

Mishlah: a traditional cloak/robe worn by men on the top of the thawb. It is usually made from cotton or camel/sheep wool. Mishlah comes in many colors like black, brown, gray, and cream color. Worn in white, it proclaims a person unmated.

Mucca Cream: used during childbirth. When rubbed into the birthing slit it promotes healing and fast closure of the slit. Made from mucca cream and moonflowers.

“My own”: an endearment common to the Katzmen.

Myssa: friend

Pridehome: the home of a Katzman pride

Pridemate: Katzmen are grouped together at an early age with others like themselves. They live together, train together, and fight together. They are a family, a pride.

Province of Leonidia: territory of the Leonid Pride

Raqaq (flat) Bread: bread made from soft dough that is flattened and baked on a hot iron plate.

Reran Fighter Ship: a fighter ship equipped with long and short range pulse cannons, laser guns, and high powered deflector shields. It can support a crew of ten. Has a large cargo bay.

Royal Guards: guards that protect the royal household

Sand Dragon: hides in the brush during the day, sometimes burying himself in the sand until the sun sets. At night, he comes out and hunts for bugs to eat. Sand dragons never live far from water.

Sarybium: mined mineral used in the making of energy cells.

Sector: one sector equals one light year of travel.

Security Seal: a security system that, when set up and implemented, provides a bubble of protection over an object, alarming the owner when anyone is within a foot of distance. The bigger the power cell, the bigger the bubble of protection.

Sensors – used to scan for long and short range ships, debris, and planets

Shaikh: a leader that governs a desert pride.

Shawii oil: made from the Shawii plant, or desert thorn. It is a lavender oil that adds sensitivity to sexual relations. The thorns are carefully harvested from the stems then crushed into a pulp like substance. That pulp is pressed until all of the sap is extracted. The sap is what makes the oil. It is mixed with a variety of other essential oils until it becomes Shawii oil.

Shawii Plant: called the desert thorn, it is a small thorny plant with purple flowers. The thorns are poisonous and can cause nausea, hallucinations, and death. Found only in certain areas of the desert.

Solar Straw: straw produced abundantly on Katzman. It usually grows yellow in the fall and green in the spring, lying dormant during the winter and summer. It is used for feeding animals and in some building construction.

Thawb: a long gown worn under a Mishlah.

Vergnügen Caste: pleasure slaves

Victorial Shield: by proving his fitness to lead his men in battle.

Vidlink: inter-planetary visual communication system

Warrior Caste: fighters

Whistle Weed: a poisonous weed that grows wild on many planets. When used in small doses it will cause someone to go insane and they will eventually die. When used in large does it will kill.


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