Adult Excerpt
The Right Time For Us

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Gus woke to wet, hot suction around his dick. He groaned as he arched his hips, thrusting his cock deeper into Robby's throat. And he knew it was Robby. No one else sucked cock like his Robby.

His Robby...that phrase had taken on new meaning over the last two weeks. Unwilling to wait until the church was rebuilt, Gus had convinced Robby marry him while they were both still laid up in the hospital, Robby from his previous injuries and Gus from the surgery he'd been forced to have on his broken leg.

At least he had been able to convince the doctor to put them in the same room.

Brody and Neason had promised to throw them a huge reception once the church was rebuilt, but it wasn't the reception Gus had been looking forward to. It was holding Robby in his arms, knowing that the man would never leave that he looked forward to.

The lips on his dick were nice too.

Gus allowed his knees to fall to the sides. Robby wrapped his hands around Gus's ankles as the tip of his tongue trailed from sac to premium and back again. Gus gasped when Robby took his shaft into his mouth. He felt like he was going to fall apart. Tiny fireworks exploded inside of him as Robby swallowed him down to the root, making the flames inside of Gus grow hotter.

He ran his hands over Robby's head, relishing the contact as the man began to bob his head. He moaned when Robby swirled his tongue around the head of his cock. When Robby's tongue pressed into the slit at the tip of his cock, Gus pumped his hips towards Robby's mouth.

"Fuck!" he cried out, unable to breathe as his orgasm grabbed him just as Robby pulled off his cock. He panted heavily as he watched his cum splatter all over Robby's face. He felt almost primal in that moment as he watched drops of pearly-white seed drip down Robby's cheeks and off his chin.

Gus smiled as Robby crawled up his body, planting kisses across his chest. He groaned when Robby's legs spread and the man settled over his aching cock. 

"Make love to me?"

Gus chuckled as he reached for Robby and rolled the man beneath him. "Like you have to ask."

He leaned down and started licking Robby's skin. He ran his tongue from collarbone to naval, smiled when Robby's entire body shivered. Robby raised his hands above his head, grabbing the headboard as Gus kissed each hip and then nipped each inner thigh.

"Gus," Robby groaned.

A deep chuckle rumbled through Gus's chest as he grabbed the lube from under the pillow and then scooted down to settle between Robby's thighs, shouldering them apart.

Robby had tortured him.

Now it was his turn.

Gus wrapped his hands around Robby's ankles as the tip of his tongue trailed from sac to premium and back again. He ran his tongue up the side of Robby's cock, nipping it along the way with his lips.

Gus slicked up his fingers and then slid one of them into Robby's tight hole as he sucked the man's cock to the back of his throat. Robby groaned and writhed, trying to impale his body onto Gus's hand.

Robby blew out heavily as Gus added a second finger, stretching him wide. When Robby lifted his ass and then pushed back, Gus smacked his hip with his free hand. Robby stilled, but Gus knew it wasn't because he was afraid. 

Gus let Robby's cock slip from between his lips. He couldn't get onto his knees until the cast on his leg came off, but that wasn't going to stop him from giving Robby what he needed, what they both needed. 

Gus flipped Robby over onto his stomach. He stared down at the beautifully rounded globes before him, rubbing his hands over them, one hand, one cheek. He leaned down and bit into one, not hard enough to break the skin, but Robby would have teeth marks on his ass for a little while at least.

Gus couldn't have been happier about that.

"I need two hands."

Robby frowned as he glanced over his shoulder. "You have two hands. It's your leg that's broken."

Robby gasped when Gus smacked him on the ass.

"Move over, baby."

Once Robby moved out of the way, Gus scooted up to the top of the bed. He rolled over onto his back and then patted his chest. "Straddle me." When Robby started to swing a leg over, Gus shook his head. "No, baby, straddle my chest, but face the other way."

Gus knew he had made the right decision when Robby did what he said and the man's ass was right there in front of his face. And what an ass it was. Gus rubbed his hands over each cheek again, landing a smack on one and then the other.

Robby groaned even as he wiggled his butt.

"You have the most fantastic ass." Gus ran his finger from the crack of that ass, down over Robby's pulsing hole, to his balls. He did it again, and then again, smiling when Robby started moving his hips as if trying to chase Gus's finger.

The next time he stroked his finger down between the man's ass cheeks, he stopped when he got to Robby's tight ring of muscles and pushed his finger in. Robby's high pitched cry was his reward. Gus thrust his finger in and out several times before adding a second finger. He loved how Robby's body seemed to just suck him in every time he thrust his fingers forward.

Maneuvering his fingers, Gus quickly found Robby's sweet spot, crooking his fingers until his love was writhing above him. When Robby's body seemed to suck his finger right in again, Gus added a third and moved it around, pulling it out and pushing it back in until he could move all three fingers easily.


Gus chuckled. "Spin around, baby."

Robby moved faster than Gus thought he would, spinning around and straddling him again.

"You take it from here, Robby."

Robby nodded as he slowly lowered his body onto Gus's large shaft. He stopped after a moment, took a few deep breaths, and then started to lower himself again, little by little. By the time he bottomed out, they were both panting.

"Take it from here, love."

Robby raised up and then dropped back down, stealing the air from Gus's lungs as his cock was enveloped in his silky hot ass. Gus moved his hands down Robby's sweat slickened skin, skimming either side of Robby's body to his hips and started thrusting up into Robby's ass.

Gus's thrusts increased in both speed and strength as he drove himself in and out of Robby's tight hole. He could feel Robby's ass rippling around him every time his dick pushed into the man's tight grip.

"Faster. Harder. Make me come, Gus. Please," Robby begged. His eyes fluttered as his lips parted, the man panting as he bounced on Gus's dick.

"Don't I always?"