Adult Excerpt
The Stormy Glenn Convention

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Harper wrapped his free hand around Memphis's neck. He pulled his mate closer and stroked his tongue across the man's skin. He could feel Memphis shudder against him. The man's long groan shot straight to Harper's cock.

Harper tugged on Memphis's shirt, wanting more skin. Memphis started panting when Harper scooted down to kneel between Memphis's legs.

"Harper, what—"

Harper grinned as he pulled Memphis's pants off. He had plans for the man that could only be achieved by stripping him naked.

Harper enjoyed the long groan that fell from Memphis's lips as he dropped to his knees and licked across the head of the man's engorged shaft. Memphis's legs trembled under his hand, delighting him even more. Harper liked knowing he could get to his mate in such a way that the man couldn't control his reactions.

"Do you like that?" Harper raked his tongue across the head of Memphis's cock again. Drops of tangy, sweet pre-cum exploded on his tongue.

"Harper," Memphis groaned.

"How about this?" Harper asked right before he swallowed Memphis's shaft all of the way down until his nose was buried in the man's pubic hair.

"Oh fuck, yes!" Memphis's hands clenched in Harper's hair, gently tugging then smoothing then tugging again, as if Memphis couldn't decide what he wanted to do.

Harper kept his mouth on Memphis's cock as he grabbed the man's ankles and pushed them up. Memphis's legs naturally fell apart. Harper bobbed up and down on Memphis's cock several times before lifting his head, grinning when Memphis whined in protest.

"Do you like that, love?"

Memphis's dazed green eyes blinked down at him as the man nodded rapidly.

Harper grinned then reached up and gripped Memphis's thighs with his hand. He stroked his tongue up over Memphis's balls to his cock then all the way to the tip. Memphis's body went stiff for a moment, his thigh muscles going rock hard, then the man trembled almost uncontrollably.

"Harper!" Memphis wailed.

Harper was nearly out of his mind at Memphis's outburst. His cock pressed against the zipper of his jeans so hard that he thought they might actually rip apart. Harper stood up and whipped his cotton shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor.

He pushed Memphis back onto the mattress and then stared down at him. He drank in the naked body displayed so beautifully on the bed before him as he quickly shed his shoes and jeans, pushing them away before kneeling back on the floor again.

He wanted to feel Memphis fuck him. He needed it.

"Hand me the lube."

He chuckled when the tube of lube was thrust at him. He popped the top and spread the liquid up over his fingers then rubbed it over the crack of his ass. Harper started licking Memphis's cock again, sucking it deep into his mouth as he reached around behind his body and started stretching his ass, readying himself for Memphis's possession.

The first finger burned for a moment. Harper used the pain, putting more effort into sucking the large shaft in his mouth. With each thrust of his fingers into his ass, Harper swallowed Memphis's cock.

As he moved down to lick at Memphis's balls again, Harper saw the man's puckered hole twitching as if it needed to be filled. He stroked his tongue across the tight entrance several times, noticing it loosen with each swipe.

Memphis's moans filled the room around him, drowning out every other sound. A bomb could have exploded outside their room, and Harper wouldn't have cared.

When Memphis started to reach for his cock, Harper blocked him, swallowing the hard shaft down until the head hit the back of his throat. He suddenly wished he had a third hand so that he could grab his own aching cock, but that would have to wait until he was riding the thick cock in his mouth.

"Harper," Memphis cried out, "I'm not going to last much longer."

Harper knew that was his cue. He stood to his feet, his legs shaking with the intensity of the desire he felt for the man blinking up at him.

"Scoot up to the head of the bed."

Memphis looked confused, but did as Harper ordered. Harper climbed up onto the bed, kneeling between Memphis's legs. He couldn't keep the grin off his face at Memphis's shocked look as he straddled the man and slowly sank down on his cock. There was burning and twinges of pain as Memphis's massive length filled his ass, but the pleasure shooting through his body far outweighed any discomfort he felt.

By the time Harper sat all of the way down on Memphis, he felt fuller than he could ever remember feeling. There wasn't an inch of space left empty in his ass. He would feel Memphis's cock move inside him with every thrust.

Harper moved up until just the tip of Memphis's cock remained inside of his tight hole. He slowly lowered himself down, testing the angle, the fit, and his ability to think clearly. The moment Memphis groaned, Harper knew that thinking was something of the past.

"Fuck me, Memphis." Harper hissed. "I want to feel your cock pound my ass."

Harper had no idea when he spoke the words that Memphis would do exactly what he demanded. He just wanted to see the man's reaction. Memphis's hands gripped Harper's hips as he thrust up. Harper cried out, a sound that was normally foreign to him, as Memphis's cock rubbed against his prostate the entire time.

Each thrust was powerful, pushing Harper forward until he had to plant his hands on the mattress on both sides of Memphis's head to keep from crashing into the headboard. Memphis was strong, powerful, and able to lift Harper up and down on his cock as he lifted his own body to meet Harper's.

It was heaven and it was hell, exquisite in its intensity and painful in its strength. Harper felt like he was paralyzed to do anything, but hover over Memphis as his the man used his body for his own pleasure.

It would have truly been hell if Harper's lust didn't burn hotter with each thrust of Memphis's cock into his ass. Every inch of Harper's body felt alive. The burning desire he could see in Memphis's eyes made his very skin tingle.

When Memphis leaned up and bit down on Harper's nipple, that was all it took. Without his cock being stimulated in any way, Harper cried out, filling the space between them with his seed.