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The Vampire's Snuggler

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Stan bit his lip until he tasted blood to keep from groaning. Each swipe of Yuri's tongue against his skin sent tentacles of lust wrapping around Stan's body at a rate of speed that he could barely contain.

His entire body thrummed. He was conscious of every spot Yuri caressed with his tongue. He was just grateful he was pressed down on his stomach on the mattress. If he turned over, there would be no way deny proof of his arousal. His dick probably had zipper marks on it already.

He wanted to turn over so much and beg Yuri to take him. And he'd have no problem begging. The man was built like a Greek god. Stan could imagine all manner of things to do to him, each one of them naughtier than the last.

Still, if the man didn't stop licking him, Stan was going to embarrass himself. His cock was already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. He was actually kind of surprised Yuri couldn't smell his arousal.

"Hey," he cried out when Yuri reached underneath him. A moment later his pants were yanked down to his knees. Stan's face flushed with heat as his arousal took a nose dive. He could just imagine the bubble butt Yuri was looking at. "Yuri—"

Yuri's hand landed on his ass cheek. "Just hold still."

Stan was going to die.

He gripped the coarse material of the mattress in his hands and spread his legs wider when Yuri moved and settled between his legs. He could feel Yuri's tongue move along his lower back down over the curve of his ass.

Did he have injuries there?

Stan shit right back up and he almost cried out in protest when Yuri moved beyond his ass and started licking around the bottoms of his thighs. Each touch of Yuri's lips on his skin made him tremble.

"Yuri," he whimpered as he tilted his ass up and glanced over his shoulder. The invitation was clear even for a blind man.

A hot ache grew in the back of Stan's throat as Yuri raised his head and looked up at him. His cheeks colored under the heat of the man's intense gaze. His heart took a perilous leap at the deep need he could see in the dark depths of Yuri's eyes.

"Yuri," Stan said as he held out a hand to the man.

Yuri moved up the mattress until his body covered Stan's from head to toe and then some. He grabbed Stan's jaw and held him in place as he covered Stan's with a hungry intensity that sent his senses flying. It was surprising gentle for all of its furiousness. Yuri moved his mouth over Stan's, devouring, demanding a response that Stan gladly gave.

He grunted when Yuri pulled him roughly, almost violently, to his hands and knees. He felt his body molding to the hard contours of Yuri's body as if they were made to go together. Yuri's hands were everywhere, moving along Stan's body and leaving a scorching fire behind. Stan felt his blood surge from his fingertips to his toes.

His heart thudded noisily within him.

Yuri's hand moved down between Stan's thighs, his fingers brushing against Stan's puckered entrance. He almost cried out in denial when Yuri stopped.

Why would he stop?

Stan's pulse beat out a rapid beat when he heard the unmistakable sound of a lube packet being torn open. He grinned and buried his face in his arms as he spread his thighs even further apart.

The next time Yuri's fingers moved over him, Stan lifted his hips. Yuri's touch was light and painfully teasing as he pressed one slick finger into the sensitive hole, sending currents of desire through Stan.

"Oh yes, yes," Stan groaned when a second one slid into his tight hole. Yuri scissors them back and forth for several moments. Stan's body instinctively arching toward Yuri as he felt another finger push into him.

Stan gripped the mattress.

 "Please, now, Yuri," Stan pleaded.

He gasped as Yuri pulled his fingers free and lowered his body over his. Yuri's eyes stared into his. Stan inhaled softly when he felt Yuri's thick cock start to slowly push into him.

Time stood still, the world around then disappearing. Stan held his breath as he was slowly impaled on the thickest, longest cock he ever remembered having, not that he had that many, but damn.

Finally, Yuri seemed to be in all of the way. Stan grew worried when Yuri stilled. He glanced over his shoulder in to look at the man, but Yuri's eyes were closed. He face looked agonized as if he were in pain.

"Yuri?" he murmured.

Yuri's eyes opened and Stan gasped. They were bright shining red, the darkness totally gone.

Stan worried that something was wrong until Yuri growled and grabbed his hip, lifting Stan's back end off the mattress. There was no slow loving or gentle movements. One moment Yuri seemed frozen in place, the next he pounded into Stan like he had suddenly been released from his paralysis.

Stan could barely catch his breath when he was suddenly flipped over and Yuri drove back into him. His entire body hummed with the need for release. Every time Yuri looked at him, Stan's heart turned over in response. The desire burning in Yuri's gaze blazed red hot, and it was all for him.

Stan groaned and tilted his head to one side, baring his throat to Yuri. He felt Yuri's hands tighten on him just as sharp fangs sank into his body. The sweet pull of Yuri's mouth matched the thrust of the man's cock.

Stan was overwhelmed in moments, the twin sensations racing through his body. He started panting heavily, unable to catch his breath. Stan clenched his hands in Yuri's long black hair and sank his teeth into the skin right above Yuri's heart. The blood that filled his mouth sank into his cells, wrapping around his soul.

His entire body seized as the lust burning in his body exploded in a fiery haze of sensation. Stan extracted his fangs, tossed his head back, and cried out as cum shot from his cock.

He heard a loud roar above him and felt a throbbing in his ass as Yuri released inside of him. The man's fangs remained in Stan's throat as his body collapsed down on top of him. Stan just wrapped his arms around Yuri and rubbed his hands up and down his naked back.

He could feel Yuri's heavy breathing, feel the slow gradual lessoning of Yuri's drinking. When Yuri extracted his fangs and licked at the bite wound, Stan almost cried out in protest.

"We need to get going."