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Three of a Kind

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Heath couldn’t believe that he was actually sitting on an ATV driving through the snow to find the perfect Christmas tree for his best friend, Cami. She so owed him for this. He did not do snow… unless he was watching it fall out the window… curled up in front of a nice warm fire… with a hot guy… preferably a hot naked guy.

Feeling a bit of snow fall down the back of his jacket Heath wanted to protest being dragged out into the cold when Jake wrapped one of his sturdy arms around Heath’s waist and pulled him back against his body. He could instantly feel Jake’s hard cock pressing against his butt and lower back. It felt so good he decided to just enjoy the ride.

Jake was again surprised at how bold he was being with Heath. While he had never had a problem approaching those he was attracted to, he had never been so obvious. But he hadn’t wanted to leave Heath behind so soon after he had met him. He didn’t want to let the little man out of his sight.

The feeling of his cock rubbing against Heath was creating quite a bit of friction for him. Each bump in the road only added to it. Jake felt like he was going out of his mind. He knew from experience that he was moments away from coming in his jeans like a teenager.

Figuring he was far enough away from the house that no one could see them through the snow covered trees, he pulled over and shut off the engine. Grabbing Heath by the hips he swung him around so that Heath’s legs draped over his. Wrapping one arm around his waist he pulled him as close as he could. He moaned when he felt his cock rub against Heath’s own growing erection, separating them only by the thick material of their jeans.

His grabbed Heath’s jaw with his other hand and turned his face up to his, capturing his lips in a long powerful kiss. His tongue explored every inch of Heath’s mouth, aroused by the sweet taste of him.

He growled deep in his throat when he felt Heath take the initiative and wrap his arms around Jake’s neck pulling him deeper into their kiss. Moving his hands slowly down Heath’s back he grabbed his hips and began rubbing Heath’s body up and down against his cock.

When Heath suddenly cried out his name and arched, his body stiffening with his release, Jake went out of his mind at the sight of Heath in the throws of passion. He bit the side of Heath’s neck as the top of his cock blew off and he soaked the front of his jeans with load after load of his seed.

He gently licked the slight bruise he had left on Heath’s neck before closing his eyes and resting his forehead against his, trying to recapture the air that had left his lungs in such a rush. He was pleased to see that Heath seemed to be having the same problem breathing that he did.

Once he had sufficient air in his lungs again he opened his eyes and looked deep into Heath’s beautiful baby blue ones. He placed a quick kiss on his lips before speaking.

"I want you, little man," he whispered as his hands caressed Heath’s ass, pressing his fingers hard between his cheeks, giving Heath a clear idea of what exactly he wanted.

"Yes," Heath moaned as he arched his head back and tried to pull Jake’s lips back down to his neck. He wanted more, so much more.