Story Excerpt
Three of a Kind

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"Hey, Jake, how’s it hanging?"

Jake Logan looked up from the coffee cup he was silently contemplating to see his friend and fellow Navy Seal team member Sam McKenzie walk into the dinning room with his own cup of coffee.

"Slightly to the left, Sam," he replied, "You?"

Sam laughed as he sat down across from Jake and began drinking his coffee. "I have no idea. According to Daniel, it’s his property now. You’ll have to ask him."

Jake chuckled, "TMI, my friend."

"Yeah," Sam laughed again, "probably. So, what are your plans for the day?"

"Cami has me roped in to doing the traditional thing and going out to cut down a Christmas tree. Want to come?"

"No, Cami has roped me into getting a room ready for her friend, Heath. Tell me this, who died and made Cami the Christmas queen?" Jake laughed but didn’t reply. Cami had kind of taken over and insisted that everyone celebrate Christmas. They had all sort of fallen into her demands because they felt so bad that her sister, Mari was missing. She needed something to keep her mind off things.

"Heath? Isn’t he the guy—" Jake asked after a few moments.

"Yeah, he’s the one. Nick’s going to spit purple kittens."

"But," Jake asked, confused, "Isn’t Heath gay?"

Sam nodded wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. "Yep, and according to Cami he’s really gay too."

"What exactly does really gay mean? I’m gay, you’re gay, Daniel’s gay."

"Thank god!" Sam inserted thinking of his lover. He grinned over at Jake, putting his hand to his lips in mock astonishment. "Wait, you’re gay? When did that happen?"

"Funny, very funny. Smartass!" Jake replied sarcastically. Sam knew he was gay, all of their team members did. Jake didn’t flaunt it but he had never tried to hide it from any of them. "How is this guy any different? Are there different levels to being gay?"

"Well, Cami says he’s flamboyant, whatever that means. I guess we skipped the day they taught that in Gay 101. We’ll just have to wait and see."

Jake took another sip of his coffee only looking up when Sam let out a low exclamation, "Oh, my god!"

"What?" he asked quickly as he looked over to where Sam was looking and his eyes widened. "Oh, fuck me!" he whispered to himself.

His cock twitched at the site of the man walking in the front door. He was sex personified. He stood maybe five foot ten and weighed about one hundred seventy five pounds and he was absolutely stunning. He had short wavy golden blond hair that was slightly messed giving him that I just crawled out of bed look. His skin was a beautiful golden tan color.

Jake lowered his gaze to the perfectly tight muscled stomach encased in a silky white shirt. He could see the small outline of the tattoo around his bellybutton showing through the nearly transparent material. Jake instantly knew he wanted to explore that tattoo, preferably with his tongue.

He watched as Mr. Sexy rubbed his abdomen absently then ran his hand down his jean-clad thighs and he groaned, "Damn!"

The man’s jeans hung low on his hips and fit him like a glove. Lust rushed straight to Jake’s cock, and he had to swallow before he could speak.

"Oh, fuck me," he whispered again.

"Yeah, just about," Sam replied, "That man is lethal."

Jake’s eyes explored every inch of the man’s form as he raised them slowly up his body until he reached his face. Everything in the room seemed to fade away as he stared into the deepest baby blue eyes he’d ever seen.

When a wide grin overtook the man’s face showing off a dimple in each cheek Jake’s cock jumped up and down doing a happy dance. The smile reached all the way into Mr. Sexy’s eyes and contained a sensuous glint. He hadn’t missed Jake’s obvious examination and approval. Yeah, he knew he was hot.

Jake tried to act nonchalant as he reached under the table and rearranged his hardening cock. He felt blood coursing through his veins like an awakened river as baby blue eyes followed the movement of his hand. He knew exactly what kind of effect he had on Jake and he was enjoying every moment of it.

Heath had spotted the big man the second he had walked into the room. His gaze had been drawn to him like a moth to a flame. He was perfection as far as Heath was concerned. He looked like all the big bad boys he’d been with in the past, only hotter. A lot hotter!

Heath nearly drooled when the object of his desire stood up and began walking towards him. Holy fuck, he was sexy. Every damn inch of his tall frame was muscled and firm. He wanted to crawl right up his six-pack abs and kiss him until they both passed out.

"Hey, Cami?" He drawled loud enough for everyone in the room to hear him, "I just figured out what I want for Christmas."

Cami looked to where Heath’s attention was focused and giggled. "I told you that they grow them nice down here," she said with a grin, "Have you been a good boy? Are you on the naughty or nice list?"

"Oh hell, honey, right now, with what I’m fantasizing about, I am definitely on the naughty list. But if I promise to be really good at being really naughty do you think Santa will still put him in my stocking?"

"I’m not sure he’d fit, Heath," she stated eyeing Jake’s six foot four, two hundred and eight five pound frame from head to toe. He looked just enough like his brother, Nick, to make her squirm a bit. God, they were both so gorgeous. All of the men at the ranch seemed to be that way. It was like an epidemic.

"Fine, put me in his stocking then," Heath pleaded as Jake stopped right in front of him.