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The Bear Necessities

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"Luca," he whispered.

Luca smiled as he pressed a hand to Randal's cheek. "I feel it, too, Randal."

Randal turned his head and planted a kiss to the palm of Luca's hand. "You're mine, Luca, my mate, and I'm never going to give you up." He leaned down to press a kiss against Luca's lips, then another, each one getting longer and longer until he didn't remove his lips at all. Kissing Luca's skin felt too damn good.

He tasted like heaven.

"Mmm, that feels good," Luca whispered, arching his head back and to the side to expose more of his throat.

"Yeah?" Randal whispered in awe as he watched Luca become the sensual creature he had discovered for two years ago. "You like that, mate?"

"Yesss," Luca hissed. "Want more."

"You have the softest skin, Luca," Randal whispered as he stroked his hand down Luca's side. His breath caught in his throat when he reached the curve of Luca's ass and the man pulled his leg up to his chest. Randal's fingers slid right down between Luca's ass cheeks.

Randal quickly moved his hand away from Luca's ass and back up to his chest. As much as he wanted to sink into the man's silky depths, he wanted Luca mindless with passion first.

Randal moved his hand up under Luca's chin and cupped his jaw, tilting his head back. He swirled his tongue over Luca's sweet-tasting skin. Randal's tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth when Luca keened and his body bucked.

He was hanging on by a thread and he hadn't done more than simply caress Luca. They hadn't even gotten to the good stuff yet. But they were about to.

Randal grabbed the lube and opened it. He squirted out a liberal amount onto his cock and spread it around. His cock was so engorged, so sensitive he thought he might not make it inside of Luca before he exploded.

He gripped the bottom of his cock until the sensation to come lessoned. Once he was in control of himself again, Randal poured some lube out on his fingers then pushed them between Luca's ass cheeks. They slid easily in until he reached Luca's tight hole.

The tightness of Luca's puckered opening made Randal shudder in anticipation. He couldn't wait to have that tightness wrapped around his cock. Randal started brushing his fingers against Luca's hole, putting more pressure into his touch with each caress until they slipped inside.

Once Luca was stretched, Randal picked Luca up and swung him around. Luca squeaked and grabbed for him, which worked out just fine for Randal. He lay back on the bed and placed Luca's body so that the man straddled his body.

"You have to take it from here, mate."

Luca grinned and sat up on his knees. Randal's breath caught in his throat when Luca reached behind him. His eyes nearly crossed when he felt Luca's hands grip his cock, guiding it to Luca's tight entrance.

"Fuck, Luca," Randal groaned as Luca sank down on his hard shaft.

Randal knew Luca hot silky channel cradled him, tightening around his cock. Randal groaned, arching up into Luca's body as he gripped the man's hips tightly with his hands.

"Put your arms around my neck." After Luca did as Randal asked, Randal started moving, thrusting into Luca at a rapid pace.

Randal grabbed Luca's ass in his hands. He watched Luca's face as he trailed his hand down between the man's butt cheeks to where his cock impaled Luca.

  Randal moved Luca's hips away from his body, slowly drawing his cock back until just the head remained. Luca's mouth hung open and rapid little pants huffed out. His eyes were wide, dazed, his skin flushed.

Randal slammed Luca back down on his cock. He wasn't sure whose cry was louder, his or Luca's. He just knew he needed to do it again. He lifted Luca away from him then rammed into him over and over again.

The pleasure was explosive. Every inch of Luca's hot grip wrapped around Randal's cock. It didn't matter if he pulled most of the way out or was buried to the root, Luca surrounded him, caressed him with his silky skin.

When his knees began to shake, threatening to fold on him, Randal rolled Luca beneath him. He grabbed Luca's legs and wrapped them around his waist, spreading them further when he leaned down to kiss Luca's plush lips.

Luca lay there, his breathing rapid, punctured only by his moans. His hands gripped Randal's arms and he hooked his ankles around Randal's waist. The harder Randal thrust, the more Luca's head thrashed on the bed.

Randal was in heaven watching Luca. The man was more responsive than anyone he'd ever met, even when he didn't say a word. Randal knew when he hit Luca's sweet spot.

Luca's entire body suddenly stiffened and he cried out. Randal took note of the particular position and continued pumping into the tight hole holding him, aiming for Luca's sweet spot with every thrust. He had to use one hand to hold Luca's hips up close to his when Luca's body started to melt into the mattress.

He used the other hand to tweak Luca's nipples. He used his lips to suck up a deep mark on Luca's neck. When Luca's hands moved up Randal's arms to his shoulder and his fingernails dug in, Randal knew he was done for. He wasn't going to last another minute, maybe another second.

"Luca," Randal groaned.

"Yes!" Luca screamed. His entire body shuddered against Randal's. "Yes!"