Adult Excerpt
To Take A King

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"Kiss me, Nicky."

Cooper refused to take no for an answer. He knew once Nicky forgot to be afraid and realized Cooper was truly interested, the man would accept what was between them. Cooper leaned forward and covered Nicky's mouth, using his tongue to tease Nicky's lips apart.

Nicky groaned and within seconds, he was pressing into the kiss, opening his mouth and allowing Cooper in. Cooper devoured Nicky's lips, licking, sucking, teasing. He kissed a trail from Nicky's lips, to his chin, to the tender skin of his throat, time and again, teasing Nicky. His hands swept over Nicky's naked chest and down to his hips.

When Cooper glanced down at Nicky, the man’s golden blond eyebrow were ups somewhere around the top of his head. His eyes were wide and round. Shocked.

“Did you like that, baby?”

Nicky nodded wordlessly.

“Then you’re going to love this.” Keeping his eyes locked with swallowed Nicky’s straining erection, wrapping his lips around the flared head of the man’s cock. The taste of pre-come exploded on his tongue and he knew he wanted more. The drops of pre-cum pooling on the head of Nicky’s cock trickled over his tongue. Cooper prayed he was doing it right as he licked those drops away. He had never given a blow job before. Cooper might have had his fair share of sex in the past, but only with women. He had kept this part of himself for Nicky.

Cooper slowly pushed forward until he felt the cock nudge the back of his throat, and further still, letting his throat muscles relax until pubic hairs tickled his face. He heard a swift intake of air and then Nicky shuddered.

Encouraged by Nicky’s response, Cooper began to suck, his tongue tracing the veins, his cheeks hallowed as he moved Nicky’s thick erection further into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. He ran his tongue over the slit at the top of Nicky’s cock and then under the edge of the crown.

Wanting more contact, Cooper grabbed the edge of Nicky’s shorts and worked them the rest of the way down the man’s legs. He released Nicky’s cock and leaned back, his breath catching at the sight of the debauched angel in front of him. Cooper seriously doubted he would ever see anything so stunning again.

His beautiful Nicky laid there, thighs spread wide, pearly drops of cum gathering on the tip of his hard shaft as it stood up from his nearly hairless groin. There was a heated flush to Nicky’s skin that made him glow but it was the need in Nicky’s green eyes that drew Cooper more than anything.

Had anyone in his life ever looked at him with such want?

Cooper refused to take his eyes off the man he had been waiting years for, not now when he had Nicky right where he wanted him. He blindly reached over and opened the glove compartment, rooting around until his fingers landed on the tube of slick he kept in there for times when his fantasies of Nicky became too much and he needed a little relief.

Cooper popped the lid open and squeezed a fair amount of lube out onto his fingers. He had watched a lot of videos and practiced anal sex with some of the women he had dated over the years but he had never done anything with a man. He had been saving that for Nicky.

The women he had been with in the past were just that—in the past. Knowing Nicky held his heart, Cooper never made the women he dated any promises beyond a few stolen moments of fun. It had been a way to pass the time while he waited for Nicky to realize they were meant to be together, and to learn how to make Nicky feel more pleasure than he ever thought possible. Cooper wanted to be experienced, but there were some things that were sacred.

Cooper dropped the tube of lube onto the seat beside Nicky’s hip and then trailed his fingers over the man’s balls, watching them shrink up before moving them down further. He smirked when Nicky’s soft inhale spilt through the air.

“Does that feel good, baby?”

“Co-Coop, wha-what—”

Cooper heard the confusion in Nicky’s voice but he also heard the pleasure. Nicky was starting to fly high. Cooper intended to send him higher. He pressed the tip of one finger into Nicky’s tight ring of muscles, pushing forward until he was up to his knuckle.

Nicky’s entire body seized, a low keening cry falling from the man’s lips. Cooper glanced up as he pushed his finger deeper and watched Nicky’s thick eyelashes flutter. Cooper had spent years watching and reading the emotions that flowed across Nicky’s face. The ecstasy flushing his cheeks wasn’t one he had ever seen but he knew he’d do everything in his power to see it again. It was almost more imperative than breathing.

“So beautiful, Nicky,” Cooper said as he added a second finger to the first, moving hem slowly in and out of Nicky’s ass. He could feel Nicky’s thighs stiffen under his hands and knew that Nicky wouldn’t take long to come.

He leaned down and closed his lips completely around Nicky’s cock again, sucking his length all the way down until his nose was buried in the soft curls at the root before pulling back again. Cooper licked a long path from the tip of Nicky’s cock down to the root and then down just a bit further. He felt Nicky’s hand tighten in his hair as he started moving his fingers faster, thrusting them into Nicky’s tight ass and then pulling them out, every time searching out that little gland of pleasure.

Cooper took Nicky deeper into his mouth, flattening his tongue as he slid the cock to the back of his throat and then took the heated flesh down his throat. Cooper eagerly licked at the erection as he moved his head back. By the time he reached the slit on the head of Nicky’s cock, another pool of pre-cum had gathered and started dripping down the sides. Cooper eagerly licked at each drop until his mouth exploded in flavor.