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Undercover Complication

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Norton smiled, trying not to show his nervousness. It had been awhile since he'd been naked with someone, a long while. Besides the fact that there was no one in his life who he wanted to see him naked—until now—there wasn't a lot of chances for some sexy time when he was undercover.

"Are you just going to stand there staring or do you want to do some touching?"

Collins swallowed tightly. "Definitely touching."

"You should probably get naked, too." Norton chuckled. "I wouldn't want to be the only one."

"Good idea." Collins tossed a box of condoms and a jar of Vaseline onto the bed and then reached for the hem of his shirt.

Norton's body hummed to life as he watched Collins strip off his clothes, revealing a tanned, muscular body. A sexy body. Damn sexy. "The time you spent working out in the exercise yard has really paid off."

"You think so?" Collins asked.

Norton prayed he wasn't drooling. "Oh yeah."

Norton lay back on the bed and spread his legs, trailing his fingers down his chest in an erotic motion. "Do you want to touch me, Collins?" Norton asked in a breathy tone, letting a small groan escape his lips.

"Oh yeah," Collins said just as sensually and just as needy.

When Collins stretched out beside him, Norton groaned and moved closer. He didn't want to talk. He wanted to enjoy the arms wrapping around him, the thigh pushing between his, and the hard cock pressing against his abdomen.

Norton bit his lip to stifle a cry when Collins's hands settled on his chest. Oh man, did he want to be touched by Collins—preferably from the top of his head down to his toes and every inch in between. Collins's hands were firm as they touched Norton, sending a shiver of longing through him. Each touch was perfect.

Collins's body moved closer until his slim body pressed against Norton's. They fit so perfectly together, almost as if they were two halves of the same whole.

"You can touch me anywhere," Norton whispered when Collins seemed to hesitate, his hand hovering over Norton's nipples. Norton sucked in his lower lip and bit down on it when Collins's fingers circled one nipple.

"Does that feel good?" Collins asked as he gently tugged on the hardened nub.

Norton grinned. "Oh yeah." Hell, it felt frigging fantastic. Norton was panting and ready within seconds.

Collins locked eyes with him and then lowered his head, his tongue flicking out as he lapped at the nipple. Norton was lost in the sight as Collins tugging on his nipple with his teeth. His cock throbbed painfully, ready to explode, but Norton fought the need to come as he watched Collins explore him.

"You're teasing me," Norton said with a whimper, twisting in the grip of an erotic heat that was burning him alive. "Don't tease me, Collins, please."

A wicked smile formed on Collins's gorgeous face. "You have to learn patience, Norton."

To hell with patience. Norton wanted to be fucked. But it seemed his begging hadn't hurried Collins along. If anything, the man seemed to slow down. His licks were slower, tracing from one nipple to the next as he teased the flesh with his teeth.

Norton wasn't going to survive.

Collins's hands traced over Norton's smooth skin. The gentle caress caused a surge of heat to rise within Norton. The man seemed to want to explore every inch of his body at his leisure.


Norton murmured a response, but it was lost as he rubbed the side of his face over the warm chest in front of him. And it smelled so nice, so masculine. Norton opened his mouth and turned his head, licking a trail across the firm skin.

Collins was aroused. Norton could feel it.

He could also feel his response in his own hardening cock. Having Collins's warm body pressed against him and wrapped around him like an octopus was playing havoc with Norton's libido and his willpower.


"You smell really good," Norton murmured as he nuzzled his face into the curve of Norton's neck. "Norton."

"What?" Norton finally asked.

Collins's eyes dropped to Norton's chest with a deep hunger in his blue eyes. Norton almost groaned when Collins licked his lips. It was such a sensuous gesture. Norton wondered if Collins actually knew that and was just torturing him.

Fuck if he didn't want to feel Collins licking him in other, lower places. Just the thought had Norton's cock pulsing. When the man leaned down and claimed his lips in a hungry kiss that demanded a response, he thought he'd lose his damn mind.

Norton felt a needy groan build up in his throat as he pushed into the kiss. The caress of Collins's lips on his mouth and the longing in his body set Norton on fire. Despite the warning bells going off in his head, Norton returned Collins's kiss with reckless unrestraint.

He wanted it too damn much.

Norton wound his fingers in Collins's hair and pulled the man closer. He swept his tongue over Collins's lips then pressed in, exploring tentatively. Norton could feel the simmering need building, overwhelming him as he opened wider for Collins, allowing the man to explore.

His brain tried to remind Norton that he shouldn't be doing this, that he should be pushing the man away, that he was injured and Collins was a convict, but Norton refused to listen. Collins's mouth was devouring him, making him forget all rhyme and reason.

Collins's calloused hands slowly moved downward, skimming either side of Norton's body to his hips, making Norton shiver from the feather light tracing. Collins's touch was hesitant as if he was in shock that he was actually allowed to touch. The lust he could see in Collins made Norton's heart melt. It was erotic as hell.

A spurt of hungry desire spiraled through Norton. He whimpered, tilted his hips up, and prayed that Collins could read the invitation without him having to voice what he wanted.

Collins leaned forward, his lips nibbling at Norton's ear, sending a spark of electricity through his entire body. "Can I...I want to...I want to fuck you," Collins whispered in a low, sensual tone.

Oh thank god!