Adult Excerpt
Unspoken Desires

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Brom groaned as he leaned in and captured lips that hadn’t touched his in over five years. No matter how many years it had been, he still remembered and hungered for the taste and feel of Daniel.

He closed his eyes and pulled Daniel into the circle of his arms. His heart hammered in his chest when he felt Daniel’s arms wrap around him, one arm around his waist, one around his neck. A brief shiver of remembered moments rippled through him.

“Brom,” Daniel whispered breathlessly.

Brom could hear the want, the need in the man’s voice. It was answered in the silent thundering of his heart. He grabbed the hem of Daniel’s shirt and pulled it up over the man’s head.

His breath caught in his throat at what he found underneath. Daniel had filled out in the years they had been apart. Before, the man had been handsome, stunning. Now, he looked absolutely breathtaking.

Hard contoured muscles and dark brown nipples graced his smooth chest. A rippled abdomen moved into a concave below the man’s pant line. A small trail of reddish gold hair trailed down under Daniel’s belt.

Brom’s hand trembled as he traced the lean muscles of Daniel’s chest. He moved down past Daniel’s belt buckle to the large bulge still wrapped in black slacks.[O1]  Brom quickly glanced up at Daniel when the man hissed. He squeezed the hardness beneath his hands again, watching in awe as Daniel’s head fell back on his shoulders. A look of pure ecstasy played across Daniel’s face.

Brom couldn’t stand it. He quickly unbuckled Daniel’s belt and slacks, pushing everything down Daniel’s legs until his full cock bounced free. Brom dropped to his knees before Daniel.

His hand trembled as he reached out to touch the engorged flesh. It was hot to the touch, silky, jerking in his hand. A small drop of liquid pooled at the tip. Brom was unable to stop himself from leaning forward and licking the drop away, the distinct taste of his mate exploding across his tongue.

The groan that fell from his lips sounded agonized and needy even to Brom’s ears. He felt his face flush at how needy he appeared. But he couldn’t keep the desperate look off his face as he tilted his head back and gazed up at Daniel.

“Do it,” Daniel demanded fiercely. “Suck my cock, Brom.”

Elation flowed through Brom. It was quickly overshadowed by a desire so turbulent that Brom’s eyes almost crossed. He looked back at Daniel’s cock, anticipation flooding him as he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the thick shaft.

He ran his tongue around Daniel’s cock, over the small slit in the hood, then under the edges of the mushroomed head. Daniel’s hands gripped Brom’s hair. His hips bucked against him.

It was all the permission Brom needed to continue. He sucked the hard flesh into his mouth until the head butted against the back of his throat. The agonized groan that came from Daniel when he swallowed made Brom suck harder.

He could feel Daniel’s legs tremble under his hands where he gripped them. The man’s moans turned to continuous whimpers and cries of delight. Brom reached down and pushed Daniel’s shoes off his feet, then pushed his slacks the rest of the way down until Daniel stood before him naked.

He knew Daniel wanted the same thing he did when the man spread his legs. Brom stuck two fingers in his mouth along side of Daniel’s cock and got them as wet as he could then moved them back around to the crease of the man’s ass and stroked them over the small puckered hole waiting for him.

Daniel felt so tight when Brom pushed his fingers in that he almost came in his pants right there and then. No one could be this tight if they were having regular sex. Daniel hadn’t been lying when he said he slept alone every night.

Brom wasn’t sure if that made him happy or sad. Both emotions seemed to war inside of him. He was glad that Daniel had denied this intimate act to anyone but him. He was saddened that Daniel had been alone all of these years. And he was happy that Daniel had been alone.

Brom tried his hardest over the years to not imagine where or who Daniel was with. The pain each imagined image brought him almost tore his soul apart. Despite what he said to Daniel, the man was his mate and always would be, even if they couldn’t be together.

“Oh, God, Brom, harder,” Daniel cried out. His hands pulled at Brom’s hair. “I need you to fuck me.”

Brom pushed his fingers deeper into Daniel. He added a third one and curved them just a bit until he found Daniel’s sweet spot. He knew he grazed it when Daniel’s cries suddenly increased and his body stiffened.

Hot cream filled Brom’s mouth. The taste, sweet and tangy at the same time, overwhelmed Brom. He was aroused to a fever pitch. Brom licked the last drop of seed from Daniel, and then climbed to his feet. Daniel’s eyes were dazed, his expression passion-filled.

Brom picked him up and quickly carried him into the bedroom, laying him down on the bed. It took just moments for Brom to pull his own clothes off and dig around in the nightstand for a bottle of lube that he knew was there. Daniel always kept a bottle of lube in his nightstand.

Brom climbed up on the bed and knelt between Daniel’s spread legs. He squirted some lube between Daniel’s ass cheeks before lathering his own cock. Dropping the lube on the bed, he grabbed Daniel’s legs and hooked them over his shoulders.

He paused long enough to look down into Daniel’s eyes, silently asking for permission. As much as he wanted Daniel, he wouldn’t take the man without his consent. He’d never forced Daniel in the past and he wouldn’t do it now.

Daniel’s slow nod was all Brom needed to push deep inside of his tight grip. A moan of ecstasy slipped through Brom’s lips as hot, silky flesh enveloped him. He felt passion rising in him like the hottest fire, clouding his brain.

Sensation took over as Brom began to move, slowly thrusting into Daniel. He felt Daniel’s hands grip his arms. His face seemed rigid, his jaw clenched tight. But his beautiful green eyes sparkled with desire. Brom didn’t think he ever looked more beautiful.

An overpowering need to claim Daniel, to bite him and sink his teeth into his soft flesh, rolled over Brom. He glanced down at Daniel’s throat. He could see the small pulse moving, thumping. Just one small taste, that’s all he wanted.

“Do it,” Daniel whispered.

Brom raised his eyes to find Daniel watching him. His dark eyes smoldered with fire. “Daniel.”

“Do it, Brom, claim me,” Daniel said before tilting his head back and baring his throat to Brom’s gaze. Hunger unlike anything he ever felt in his life ripped through Brom. He leaned down and swiped his tongue over the rapid pulse there.

Sweet, hot, masculine flavor crashed into Brom. He let his canines extend, scraped them over the soft skin of Daniel’s throat. Desperate need filled him. Brom started to sink his teeth in when reality reared its ugly head.

Brom closed his mouth tight and buried his face in Daniel’s neck. Extreme sadness filled him even as heard Daniel cry out, hot wetness filling the space between them. A hot tide of passion raged through Brom. He gasped nearly silently as Daniel took him over the edge.

His body shuddered, a flash of desire blinding him as he came, filling Daniel with his release. Brom panted, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He lifted his head to look at Daniel, his heart breaking at the silent tears falling from the man’s eyes.

He reached up to touch Daniel’s face, pausing before his hand made contact with the man. “Daniel, I—”

Brom moaned as Daniel pushed him away, rolling over onto his back. He watched him move to the side of the bed. Daniel’s shoulders seemed to shake for a moment when the man stood up.

His face was clear of tears as he glanced over his shoulder at Brom but it seemed covered in misery. “I want you gone when I get back.”