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~ A ~

Ęsir - term denoting a member of the principal groups of gods of the pantheon of Norse paganism. They include many of the major figures, such as Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Tyr.

Ęsir–Vanir War - a war that occurred between the Ęsir and the Vanir, two groups of gods.

Įlfar - the Light Elves in Norse mythology that live in Ālfheimr, "elf home".

Įlfheimr - realm of the light elves.

Įsgaršr - one of the Nine Worlds, home of the Norse Gods. Valhalla is located within Asgard. Odin and his wife, Frigg are the rulers of Asgard.



~ B ~

Berserkr - Norse warriors who are reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury

Björr - sweet alcoholic beverage

Bóndi – husband, mate

Byre - barn that houses 80 - 100 farm animals


~ D ~

Demi-god - half god, half human

Drengr - warrior

Drighten – warlord

Dökkįlfar - Old Norse "dark elves"


~ E ~

Elska - affection, love, be fond of love


~ F ~

Fašir - father

Fastnandi - the guardian responsible for Ein's interests during these negotiations

First bond bite - the first bite the bonds a Berserkr and his mate.

Freeman - these consisted of villagers, free servant to the drighten and his thanes, and merchants.

Freya - daughter of Njöršr and the goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death

Freyr - son of Njöršr, the god of fertility, weather, and phallic devices

Friš-garšr - an area of peace

Fušflogi - man who flees the female sex organ


~ G ~

Geas - curse

Geršr - wife of Freyr

Godi - singular temple priest

Godis - temple-priests

Grandfašir - grandfather

Grandsonr - grandson

Griomenn - the homeman (house husband)


~ H ~

Hansal - a formal agreement of betrothal sealed by a hand-clasp

Heiman fylgia - paid by the bride's family to the husband.

Hel - a place of torment and punishment in an afterlife

Helreginn - ruler of Hel

Holmgang - a duel.

Hov - a spiritual commune

Huglausi - cowardly

Husbondi - master of the house


~ J ~

Jarl - the Scandinavian form of a title meaning "chieftain"


~ K ~

Kisa - kitten


~ L ~

Langhus - longhouse

Lawspeaker - speaker of the law like court judges

Lóšurr - the god of fire and mischief, as well as trickster


~ M ~

Meyla krafla mikli thur syr - "child born of a long dead sow"

Móšir - mother

Morgengifu - A second sum payable by the groom after the consummation of the wedding was also set at the negotiations

Mundr - what most modern sources refer to as "bride-price.


~ N ~

Nišavellir - realm of the dwarves

Nišingr - coward

Njöršr - (Njord) a god among the Vanir. Njöršr is father of the deities Freyr and Freyja, associated with sea, seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth, and crop fertility.

Novgarš - Novgorod is among the oldest cities of Russia, founded in the 9th or 10th century.


~ O ~

Óšinn - (Odin) a major god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard

Outdweller - someone who has committed a warg crime and become an outcast


~ P ~

Peace-pledge - often the wife served as a "peace-pledge," bartered in marriage to guarantee the reconciliation between formerly feuding parties.


~ S ~

Sansoršinn - demonstrably sexually used by another man

Seiš-kona - shaman or practitioner of magic

Sif - goddess associated with earth, wife of Thor

Sonr - son

Soršinn - sexually used by a man


~ T ~

Thanes - warriors, similar to the medieval knights

Thing assembly - Every year, a general convocation would be held for the various tribes called the "Thing assembly"

Thingstead - where marriages were arranged or ratified, treaties were signed, disputes were settled, and criminals were punished

Thor - a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, strength, fertility, and the protection of mankind.


~ V ~

Valhöll - Valhalla, hall of the slain. a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin.

Vanaheimr- one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Vanir, a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future.

Vanir - a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future. The Vanir are one of two groups of gods (the other being the Ęsir) and are the namesake of the location Vanaheimr ("Home of the Vanir").

Vikingr - Viking

Völva - title of some tribal seeresses/prophet. The völva was an especially honored figure.


~ W ~

Warg - For worse crimes, such as oath-breaking, rape, treason, and willful murder, the criminal was no longer considered to be human. He was made a "warg"; meaning both wolf and outlaw, and became an outdweller.

Weregild - civil crimes. These were monies paid for wrongful or negligent death to the kindred of the victims by the perpetrators.

Wodan - means fury


~ Y ~

Yggdrasill - the world tree





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