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Waiting to Breathe

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Cecil Montgomery grunted as he was slammed into a wall. He laughed as he stared into the cocoa brown eyes of the man pressed against him. Sheer delight rolled through him at the roughness of the hands pinning him to the wall. He loved a man with muscles.

“Are you attached to this suit?” Manuel Lopez asked as his fingers smoothed over the lapel. There was something in Manny’s voice that Cecil couldn’t define but he was too conscious of the hard cock pressing against him to worry about it. “It looks pretty expensive.”

“It’s a custom fitted Marcello.”

Manny’s eyes snapped up to meet Cecil’s. A rakish grin spread over his lips. “Really?”

A moment later, Cecil’s eyes widened as the sound of fabric ripping filled the air and he suddenly felt a cool evening breeze brush across skin that had been covered a second before. There was another rip and then another and another until Cecil stood before Manny in nothing except his boxers and socks.

Cecil cocked an eyebrow as he looked down at his boxers. “Are you sure you don’t want to take care of those too? They were made by Hanes.”

And there went his boxers.

Cecil felt kind of ridiculous standing there in nothing but his black socks until he looked up and saw the arousal burning in Manny’s deep brown eyes as the man looked at his naked body. It was hot enough to steal the breath right out of his lungs. Cecil suddenly knew what it was like to be the object of someone’s lust.

He couldn’t be more pleased. He had wanted Manuel Lopez since the first moment he had laid eyes on him standing with a bunch of other men that had gone to rescue Miko Thomas, one of Cecil’s friends and a client. Cecil managed Miko’s career as an artist, making sure his life ran smoothly and no one messed with him. When Miko and his infant son had been kidnapped by the psychotic mother of his husband, Cecil had ridden in to save the day. Meeting Manny had been his reward for buying Miko and Kei, and returning them to the loving arms of Harlan Thomas.

And Cecil had every intention of calling in that reward, preferably horizontally on the nice soft king sized bed he could see just beyond Manny’s shoulder.

The hands that moved over his skin were rough, callused, and so erotic in their touch that Cecil’s legs almost collapsed beneath him. He couldn’t remember that last time he had wanted someone as much as he wanted Manny. The man tripped every trigger he had, and some he didn’t even know about. Manuel Lopez was hot with a capitol ‘oh my god, touch me again’.

“These are nice,” Manny mused as his fingers trailed over the tight abs Cecil worked so hard to retain. Daily trips to the gym kept him in good shape, but he had to work for it. Knowing that Manny liked his muscles made every drop of sweat worth it.

“I’m glad you approve.”

“I like this even more.”

Cecil’s breath hitched when Manny’s fingers wrapped around his hard jutting cock. He thanked the powers that be that he was leaning back against the wall. Otherwise, he knew for a fact he would have been a puddle on the floor.

“Manny,” Cecil groaned as he thrust forward, driving his aching cock through the man’s fingers.

“Do you like that, hermosa?”

Cecil nodded, unable to do anything else, even put sound to the thoughts rapidly racing through his head into nothingness. His entire world was starting to fill up with the tall dark marine standing in front of him. Nothing else mattered.

Cecil had been looking for a man to complete his world since he understood that he was gay. Once or twice in the past he thought he had found Mr. Right only to learn that the man he was interested in was only after his money. He really didn’t think Manny cared about his money, which made the handsome man just about perfect in Cecil’s eyes.

“My dick is going to be balls deep inside your ass before you leave this room,” Manny said. “You know that, si?”

Cecil shivered at the barely repressed growl he could hear in the marine’s deep accented voice. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Then we are wasting precious time,” Manny said just before he lowered his head to press his lips against Cecil’s. His tongue caressed Cecil’s lips, demanding entrance. He kissed Cecil with a hunger that belied his outward calm. Cecil felt like Manny devoured him, and he was powerless to stop it, even if he wanted to.

He didn’t.

Manny’s hands were not motionless either. Cecil felt them caressing his shoulders and back before moving down his chest to grab his hips. When Manny gripped his hips and pulled him closer, Cecil felt like he melted under the touch. He could feel every contour of Manny’s body press against his, including the hard cock wedged against his stomach. Manny wasn’t as unaffected as he pretended to be. A lot of things he could hide, but not his desire.

As Manny’s lips moved from Cecil’s lips down his chin to his throat, Cecil tilted his head back. His hands clenched in the fabric of Manny’s shirt. Cecil wanted to demand to know what Manny was doing, but he enjoyed it too much. Cecil just moved his hands up to wrap around Manny’s neck when he suddenly felt himself lifted into the air, Manny’s hands under his ass.

“Fuck, Manny, what are you doing?” Cecil exclaimed as Manny carried him across the room. A small squeak escaped Cecil’s mouth as he was tossed onto the bed, bouncing a few times.

Cecil looked up at Manny. Shock overwhelmed him as he watched Manny undress. Cecil gulped past the lump in his throat when Manny dropped his shirt on the floor and reached for the buttons on his jeans, undoing them and pushing them down his legs before kicking them away.

“Manny,” Cecil choked out when Manny’s muscular body moved towards him.

He trembled when Manny’s hands touched him. His long fingers wrapped around Cecil’s ankles and pulled until Cecil lay in the middle of the bed. Manny slowly climbed up the bed until he lay between Cecil’s thighs, his body covering Cecil’s. A groan built up in Cecil’s throat when Manny started planting little kisses along his jaw and bare throat.

“You taste good,” Manny murmured. He licked at the soft skin beneath Cecil’s chin. “I’m going to eat you up.”