Adult Excerpt
White Paws & A Dream

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Misha started panting softly but he still didn't make a sound. His eyes, however, glowed. Ifan could see Misha's need shinning in the pale blue depths. The more he touched and teased, the more blue bled out of Misha's eyes. It was fascinating to watch.

"Watch me, Misha."

Ifan wanted Misha's eyes on him. He wanted to continue to see the desire burning in them as he pleasured the man. Keeping their eyes locked together, Ifan moved down Misha's body, planting a kiss here and there, a lick of his tongue. By the time he reached Misha's cock, the man's eyes had turned white.

Ifan grabbed Misha's ass cheeks and spread them apart. He suddenly found it difficult to swallow when he got a good look at the sweet pink hole waiting for him. Misha looked so tight that Ifan began to wonder if the man had ever been breached before. Maybe he would be the first to bring pleasure to the sweet little man.

Ifan let his tongue shift, going from human to the long, sandpapery one of a Siberian tiger. Being as old as he was, Ifan was able to change different parts of his body at will. He didn't have to fully shift.

Ifan dragged his tongue between Misha's ass cheeks. A tangy burst of earthy flavors blasted across his tongue. Ifan growled and did it again, wanting more. As addictive as Misha tasted, Ifan saw a lot of ass licking in his future.

He knew Misha liked it. The little man's body arched into the air and his hands grabbed large handfuls of Ifan's hair. Ifan licked again and again, pressing in with his tongue a little each time until Misha began to loosen up.

Ifan paused for a moment and stroked his thumb over Misha's puckered entrance. He bit his lip to keep from growling when it was sucked right in. Misha was going to be the death of him. He just knew it. Misha's body was made for sex.

Ifan began licking again, alternating between pressing his tongue into Misha's ass and pushing his thumb in. After a few minutes, he moved to pressing his fingers into the tight circle of muscles.

Once he could safely get three fingers inside without hurting Misha, Ifan scooted up just a bit. Misha's cock looked almost painful in its hardness. Drops of pre-cum glistened on the purple mushroom shaped head.

Misha wasn't huge, not by Ifan's standards, but he was the perfect size to be sucked, and that’s just what Ifan did. As he shoved three fingers deep into Misha's ass, he swallowed Misha's cock down to the root.

He winced when Misha almost ripped out a handful of his hair. The man's body started bucking against him, vibrating with need. Misha may have been silent but he had a spectacular way of speaking. Ifan wanted to hear more.

He licked Misha's cock like an ice cream cone, making sure he swiped his tongue over the man's ball sac. When Misha started pulling more insistently on his hair, Ifan sucked the man's entire cock into his mouth.

Misha arched and stiffened. Ifan quickly backed up until just the head of Misha's cock remained in his mouth. He thrust his fingers into the man's ass and curved them until he felt the walnut sized gland in the man's ass.

Stroking that sweet spot was like setting off a stick of dynamite. Ifan grunted as Misha's legs came up and clamped around him. Sweet hot liquid filled his mouth. Misha bucked against fan several times then went limp. His hands dropped down to the bed. Even his legs fell to his sides.

Ifan glanced up, concern warring with his need to keep sucking Misha's cock. Despite Misha's sated state, his eyes still watched Ifan intently. Ifan groaned and pulled his fingers out of Misha's ass. He scooted up and knelt between the man's legs and reached for the bottle of lotion on the nightstand.

Ifan quickly spread the lotion on his aching cock then dribbled some down between Misha's ass cheeks. He dropped the bottle on the bed and reached for Misha, grabbing the man by his hips and pulling him up until the head of his cock pressed against Misha's puckered hole.

"You ready, Misha?" he asked as he looked up.

Misha simply stroked his fingers over the mating seal on Ifan's arm. Ifan took that as a yes and pushed forward. His eyes dropped closed and his head fell back on his shoulders as he sank into the tightest, hottest ass he had ever had.

"Fuck!" Ifan shouted as his balls brushed up against Misha's body.

Never, in his entire existence, had he felt such pleasure before. The tight muscles surrounding his cock could make him to come without a single movement on his part. They seemed to grip him, massage him, and keep him hostage inside Misha's body.

Misha's legs wrapped around Ifan's waist and he tugged on his arms. Ifan grinned and took that as Misha's silent demand to move. Going slow just wasn't possible, not as close as Ifan was to coming.

The pleasure was pure and explosive. Each thrust sent Ifan higher. After a few moments, he didn't know where he ended and Misha began. It felt like they were made to be fit together, two molded halves of the same whole.

Misha's body cradled Ifan perfectly, giving him just enough room to move. The man's legs locked around Ifan's waist, his hips moving and lifting with each thrust. Ecstasy started throbbing through Ifan. He could feel the head of his cock expanding, ready to explode inside of Misha and claim the man as his.

Misha's eyes glowed with an inner light as he tilted his head back and exposed his throat. Ifan growled loudly and sank his teeth into Misha's neck just over the soft pulse beating rapidly in the soft curve. Sweet hot blood filled Ifan's mouth, the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. Ifan sucked more into his mouth.

A blinding white light enveloped Ifan, exploding in his head. He felt a tether snap into place between him and Misha as their souls entwined. Ifan was filled with an amazing sense of completeness, something he had never really felt before.