Adult Excerpt
Wolf's Bane

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The gorgeous man led Douglas into the alley and pushed him up against the wall then dropped to his knees. He had Douglas's pants undone and his cock out before Douglas could even catch his breath.

"Fuck!" Douglas growled when the man licked his pouty lips before leaning forward, and wrapping his mouth around the flared head of Douglas’s shaft. Maybe he should have bought a hooker sooner. The stunning little hooker seemed to know exactly what he was doing to drive Douglas to the brink of insanity.

His lips were great but his tongue was even better. The man licked up one side of Douglas's cock and down the other like he was savoring an ice cream cone. Douglas moaned as the man swirled his tongue around his cock before pressing the tip into the slit at the top.

A groan rattled in Douglas’s chest as he reached down to clench his hands in the man's dark curls. It took all of his control not to thrust deep into the man's heavenly mouth. The suction on his cock made his toes curl. His mouth tormented Douglas, wringing searing pleasure after pleasure from his hard, aching dick.

He pushed his cock to the back of the man’s throat, waiting for his reflexive swallow to squeeze the sensitive tip before retreating and fucking into him again. Douglas growled as he held the man in place and he fucked the world’s most perfect mouth.

“Fuck,” Douglas shouted, “don’t stop.”

Something possessive suddenly surged through Douglas as he gazed down into eyes as black as onyx stones. The man was staring back up at him, something unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He couldn’t even begin to say where the feeling was coming from.  

He just knew he needed it.

Whatever it was.

And then in a flash of a second, the image was as clear as day. He knew what he wanted—even if it didn’t make a damn bit of sense to him. “Bite me!”

Douglas felt the man’s momentary pause, and then something sharp sank into his cock, making arcs of electricity flare up from his groin. Pleasure built inside him, pooling in his balls and drawing them tight to his body.

Douglas held the man's head in a tight grip as he felt his orgasm approach. He thrust his hips towards the man's mouth, pumping furiously. Douglas screamed as the most intense orgasm of his life ripped through him and damn near brought him to his knees. He came, flooding the man’s mouth and throat with his release.  

Time had no meaning, just the pleasure-pain ripping through him. Douglas’s brain melted inside his skull, unable to process the twin sensations. He almost whimpered when the teeth left his cock and the man pulled away.

Douglas shuddered.

That same wave of possessiveness he had felt before swept through him again at the sight of the man still kneeling between his legs, licking his plush ruby red lips. Being a shifter himself, he knew that wolves tended to be a possessive lot. He had seen it often enough.

There was no way in hell that Douglas should feel anything for the man except that he had gotten his twenty bucks worth. He was a street walker, a man that made his living off of getting paid for sex. This was not a mate, or even a werewolf.

He wasn’t even human.

The fangs were a dead giveaway, although what a vampire was doing turning tricks was beyond Douglas. He didn’t know many vampires but the ones he had run into would never be caught dead in this part of town, let alone selling their bodies.

“Do you do this often?”

The man shrugged nonchalantly, pushing his dark espresso-colored hair back from one side of his face. “A guy has to eat.”

Douglas frowned, wishing he had just a little more money to give the vampire, even if he didn’t get sex in return. There was something really sad about someone having to sell themselves just to eat. True to their agreement, Douglas held out the twenty dollars he owed the guy.

“Thank you,” he said, feeling like his words of thanks were totally inadequate for the first class blow job he had just received.

“Anytime.” The man rose gracefully to his feet, shoving the twenty dollar bill into his pocket. The glossy sheen in the man’s dark eyes was gone, replaced with the look of someone that was content. Even his skin had taken on a healthier pinkish glow. “You know where to find me if you’re interested in more.”

Douglas was interested, very interested. He just didn’t know when he’d get another job that paid enough for him to afford more. “What’s your name?” He had to know. Why, he wasn’t sure. He just knew that he needed to know the man’s name. “Just in case I’m interested.”

The sexy little man thrust out a hip, his lips perking up into the cutest little smile Douglas had seen in a long time. “You can call me Jilly.”

“I’ll be back, Jilly.” Somehow, someway.

“I’ll be waiting, honey.”