Story Excerpt
Wolf's Bane

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"Hiya, honey, looking for a good time?"

Douglas Stone turned to see a very attractive man standing behind him dressed in the shortest pair of boy shorts he'd ever seen and a ripped cotton tank top that looked like it was barely hanging on to his frame. Espresso-colored hair curled around the man's pale face, his onyx-dark eyes shining brightly in the dim street light.

Douglas had to admit he was intrigued. It had been quite a while since he'd had anything close to a sexual experience with something other than his hand. Normally, being around other people made Douglas uneasy. He had learned firsthand that most were out to start trouble. But this guy…there was just something about him that drew Douglas’s interest. 

Licking his dry lips, Douglas felt his heart quicken. "How much?"

The cocky little curve of the man's plush lips sent Douglas's pulse racing even faster. He could just imagine those luscious lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him to completion. Damn, it really had been a long time for him if he was considering paying for sex.

The man’s eyelashes swept down in a seductive manner as he gazed up at Douglas with nothing short of a promised good time. "Depends on what you want, honey."

The man moved closer, trailing his finger down the front of Douglas’s shirt in a teasing manner. Douglas tried to ignore his racing pulse and concentrate on how high the price was going to be to get those lips around his cock. He wanted it. He wanted it bad. He just wasn't willing to pay all that much.

"How much to feel your lips on my dick?"

"Mmm.” One dark eyebrow arched. “Twenty bucks will get you a blow. Fifty will get you the whole show. A hundred dollars gets me for the entire night, anything you want."

"A hundred dollars, huh?" Douglas tried really hard to figure out if he even had that much money on him at the moment. Jobs had been kind of scarce lately and his funds were running low. Not having a steady source of income did that to a person.

Douglas pushed his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small wad of cash—the last of what he had. What made him tilt his head to the side and purse his lips was the fact that the sexy little hooker didn't even look at the money in his hand. Douglas wasn't into the business but he would have thought money would be a hooker's top priority. Instead, the man seemed to be mesmerized by Douglas’s throat, his tongue sliding across his lips as he opened gazed at Douglas’s neck.

"Are you on anything?" The hooker’s eyes seemed just a little too glassy and he wouldn’t stop licking his lips. Douglas choked when he suddenly felt a firm hand grab his crotch.

"I don't need drugs to get my high, honey. I can get it in so many other interesting ways."

Douglas counted out thirty four dollars. He needed at least ten to eat for the next couple of days. That left him with just enough to get a good blow job. Regretting that he couldn't buy more considering how attractive the man was, Douglas pulled off the twenty dollar bill and held it out to the man.

"How about a blow job?" Douglas pushed aside the thought that he was actually paying for sex. He felt like the cops were going to surround them at any moment and bust him. His nerves were a bit jumpy as he glanced around the streets.  

The little man grinned then glanced around. "Do you have a vehicle or would you like to go into the alley?"

There was no way in hell Douglas was letting some hooker into his truck. No blow job on the planet was worth getting ripped off. "The alley will do just fine."