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Wolf Queen

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“Katia,” Mikhail groaned again as both of his hands slid her skirt up and grasped her nearly bare buttocks. Katia felt him inhale deeply as he discovered the tiny bit of cotton that slid between her cheeks. One lone finger softly caressed the small cotton string, following it down between her thighs.

Mikhail’s whole body shuddered as he reached the small patch of material that covered her wet folds. Katia wanted to scream with frustration as his fingers slid along the edges of her g-string. If he would just move to the left or the right she knew that it would be so much better.

“Mikhail, please,” she begged.

“Yes?” he asked, “what do you want, little love?”

Katia arched her neck as his lips grazed down her cheek. Her hands wrapped in his long hair, unusually unbound. His lips trailed down her neck towards her chest.

Katia arched her body back as his lips suckled one of her raised nipples through the ribbed cotton of her baby blue tank top. A soft moan escaped her lips as his teeth gently nipped at the swollen bud.

With one hand secured around Mikhail’s neck she reached down and pulled her shirt up over her breasts, baring her chest to his hungry gaze. Katia was not a vain woman by any means but the shudder that racked Mikhail’s body upon seeing her large firm breasts totally bare could have made her one.

She was unprepared for the ferocity of his hunger as he crushed her body to his, his lips latching onto her soft pink nipple. His hands suddenly seemed to be everywhere at the same time.

Katia let out a yelp that quickly turned into a moan as Mikhail ripped away the material between her thighs and replaced it with his hand, his fingers sliding between her wet lips before they pushed inside of her. The sensation was almost more than she could take.

“Oh God, you’re so tight,” Mikhail growled as he pushed one, then two fingers into her. “You’re going to feel so good wrapped around my cock.”

Katia shuddered at his lewd words. She had never heard Mikhail talk like that. And it turned her on, a lot.

“Misha,” she groaned as she bent over and bit Mikhail on the neck hard enough to draw a drop of blood. Damn, he tasted so good. Katia wrapped her lips around the small wound she had made on Mikhail’s neck and sucked a little harder. Apparently that was all Mikhail needed to throw him over the edge.

The next thing Katia knew Mikhail’s slacks were unzipped and his long hard cock was wrapped in his hand. Katia’s thighs tightened around his waist each time the hard head brushed against her swollen nub.

“Misha,” she groaned again.

“Do you like that, Kat?” He asked as he rubbed against her again. He knew she was nearing orgasm. “Tell me you like that.”

Katia’s unfocused eyes gazed into his. His eyes were almost pure black with arousal. “Misha.”

“Yes? What do you want, Kat?” She just shook her head back and forth. “Is this what you want?” He asked as he pushed his large cock against her small entrance.

“Yes, god, yes!” she screamed.

Mikhail pushed the head of his cock into her moist entrance, inch by hard inch. When he was sure that Katia could accept him he pushed all of his rock hard cock into her, breaking through the thin veil of her innocence before he could stop himself.

Mikhail grunted as he started to thrust into her. He couldn’t seem to stop himself from taking her hard. He had never taken a woman this roughly, then again, he couldn't recall ever being that out of control before.

He knew he should be gentle with her, this being her first time, but from the moment she had first placed her lips on his he had been lost. Mikhail had wanted Katia for as long as he could remember. And now, given the opportunity to have her, he could not resist.

Wrapping her beautiful long blond hair around his fist Mikhail ravaged her lips with his.

“You’re mine now,” he said between several lengthy kisses. And when her lips were swollen from his attentions he repeated his entreaty lest she forgot it in her pleasure. “I will never let you go.”

Katia heard his words but her ecstasy was so high she didn’t really know what he was saying. Taking her to the edge, Mikhail stopped moving long enough to get her attention. “Kat, look at me.”

Katia tried moving up and down on his lap wanting him to continue the mind numbing pleasure he that was giving her.

“Kat, look at me,” he demanded as his hands held her hips still. Katia raised her passion filled eyes to Mikhail’s.

“Misha,” she begged, “please.”

“Say it, Kat, say you are mine,” he demanded roughly.

“Misha,” she breathed.

“Say it, Kat, and I will give you what you want.” Mikhail pushed hard inside Katia once, twice, just enough to get her to the edge. “Your mine! Say it!” he demanded, "Who do you belong to?"

"You, Misha, I belong to you," she replied.

Mikhail grunted his approval. "Yes, Kat, you belong to me. Remember that even if you forget everything else. You belong to me and I will never let you go!”

Though his voice was soft, it was pure steel. Katia shuddered at his intensity when he began to piston inside her at what felt like the speed of light. She could only lie in his arms and take him.

"Yes, Mikhail," she sobbed as her orgasm overtook her.

"Yes," he agreed as he thrust back into her again and again. “I claim you as mine.”