Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Fangs & All


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Garret Kane loves his bar. It’s his baby. When Samuel Harden walks through the door and applies for a job as a bouncer, Kane is pretty sure the man is a good fit for the position. One look at Samuel and Kane is positive the gorgeous mountain of a man is perfect for another position—specifically one in Kane’s bed.

Samuel has a few surprises of his own—mainly the fact that not only does he have fangs and drinks blood, but he is in another coven’s territory without permission. As Kane expresses his interest in Samuel, he’s drawn into a world he never even knew existed, one filled with danger and betrayal. Only by making a deal with a man that seems like the devil himself can Kane save Samuel from a fate worse than death. But the cost of that deal might be more than a mere human can survive.

Erotic, Vampire, Paranormal, M/M, Romance

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4 KISSES: “I really enjoyed every minute of this book. I liked that Samuel is this big, strong man, but craved something different in his personal life. Although he can easily defend himself and others, Samuel needs someone to dominate him and actually look out and take care of him for a change. I also liked how well Kane and Samuel really fit together and thought each scene they had together was nothing but passionate and sexy fun! There was also some interesting politics between the vampires that I really enjoyed. Between the creative world building Ms. Glenn created and the unique and sexy secondary characters, I really hope that this book will be the first of a series. Ms. Glenn has a knack for writing characters that I really become addicted to reading about. In Fangs and All, she spins a delightful tale from start to finish and I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more books about these characters to come! Recommended!” –- Gabbi, Top 2 Bottom Reviews


4 NYMPHS: “Fangs & All is a new paranormal release by Stormy Glenn. It’s entertaining, fun, fast-paced and has a nice role reversal premise. Sam, while bigger and a vampire, is submissive by nature. It’s an unusual twist for a vampire and made for some interesting scenes and angst filled emotions for Sam to deal with. He’s a unique individual I liked a lot. Then there’s Kane. He’s human but that doesn’t stop him from being the dominant in their relationship. Putting these two together is a great pairing and while they became a couple a little fast, for a paranormal romance it worked. There are lots of secondary vampire characters—some good and several from Sam’s old coven who are definitely bad. They all add flair to the story, along with danger, betrayal, action and even friendship. Fangs & All could easily be turned into a series, as there are several vamps who I’d like to know more about. Hint. Hint.” – Dragon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews


4 KISSES: “Fangs & All by Stormy Glenn is wonderful story of acceptance. Samuel is a big guy and many believe because of his size he would be dominant. That is nothing close to the truth. Samuel finds happiness in allowing his submissive nature to shine through. With Kane he is able to follow his instincts and make his new lover happy. Kane is dominant and knows it. He finds himself pleasantly surprised by just how submissive Samuel is. He is surprised when he learns vampires exist and oh by the way his new lover is one as well. Added to that fact, his budding relationship becomes serious quickly when he finds out that his new lover may come with a permanent bonding and new rules of life when they both join the coven…Ms. Glenn gave us a story that was not only enjoyable but well written. I enjoyed seeing Samuel blossom under Kane’s love. His devotion to Kane was obvious and not at all one-sided. I enjoyed the fact this story showed both Samuel and Kane’s feelings and needs. You get to see Kane accept the fact that not only is the paranormal world real but also finds a lifetime love. I enjoyed this story and hope that Ms. Glenn will spin this story into a series.” – Tangie, Two Lips Reviews



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