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Broken Nail Diva

Harper, a self admitted diva, has no problem telling Memphis exactly what he wants from the handsome man when they meet—in very vivid detail. When the man rejects him, Harper hides his hurt behind flippant words and a flash of indignation, but forgetting Memphis might prove impossible.

Davi's Salvation

On the worst day of Salvador Cavalcante’s life, he meets a man destined to be his mate, something sacred where he comes from. Little does he know that mating Davi will make him an alpha stronger than most—and more dangerous.

Fangs & All

When Samuel Harden walks through the door and applies for a job as bouncer, Garret Kane is pretty sure the man is a good fit for the position. But Kane is positive the gorgeous mountain of a man is perfect for another position–specifically one in Kane’s bed. Now, if he can only figure out what to do about the whole fang thing.

Forget Me Not

Keely James adores his lover but lately it seems like Dominic doesn’t have the time to spend with him. When tragedy strikes, Keely needs Dominic more than ever. When the man won’t even return his phone calls, Keely knows he’s been forgotten.

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Forget Me Not

Keely James adores his lover but lately it seems like Dominic doesn’t have the time to spend with him. When tragedy strikes, Keely needs Dominic more than ever. When the man won’t even return his phone calls, Keely knows he’s been forgotten.

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Inheriting You

Finding out that his kindly neighbor has left Ivo Koubek a fortune is astounding. Fulfilling the man's last request to be returned to the land of his birth seems easy enough. Little does Ivo know how much that one trip will change his life.

Just Bob

My name is Bob. It's just Bob. If the karmic universe could have crapped on someone, I was it. Exciting, right? Yeah, no. There is nothing exciting in my life. Ever. That all changed when someone put a contract out on my life.


Spartan Warrior

Abandoned by his family and exiled because he didn’t meet the new moral code, Ari does what he needs to do to survive. When he meets Lucius, he finds that the fierce Spartan needs even more help than he does.

Mating Heat

Nix wanted one night before being forced into a marriage with her father's advisor. When the music of a bar caught her attention, Nix entered, having no idea she would find the two sexiest men she'd ever seen or that she'd end up mated to them.

Mr. Wonderful

For straight-laced club owner, Darius Alexander, Julian was perfection. His wild ways, his bold colors, his gorgeous good looks, all added up to the man of his dreams. He wants him immediately and is determined to have him any way that he can.

My Lupine Lover

Vadim Miroslav always dreamed of finding his mate, he just never expected to for his mate to find him. Little did he realize that by claiming Sasha, his entire life would be changed forever.

Primal Oath

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Being summoned was not one of them. Isaac Braden was used to being summoned. He was a demon after all, but the night he was called to service a master in a satanic ritual, he knew his night was not going to end well.

(Formally Blood Sacrifice. Revised and extended by 18,373 words)

Protective Custody

Hayden Flynn saw something that put his life in jeopardy. Put into protective custody for his own safety, he’s whisked away to a secret location. Pretending to be someone’s live-in lover isn’t so bad except his new love interest is a man.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

A little shaking, a bit of rattling, and a whole lot of rolling... what else does a sexy little retired hooker do when he finds the biker of his dreams during an earthquake?


Sebastian Haq is unlike anyone Kyrinen has ever met. For one, Haq can talk to Kyrinen through a telepathic link. When Haq starts talking about other worlds and bonds and spaceships, Kyrinen has to decide if great sex is worth having a boyfriend that is completely off his rocker.

Stealing His Warrior's Heart

Warrior of Akasha

Níx is a thief, and he makes no apologies for it. When he spots a handsome warrior walking through the marketplace, he sees an easy mark, and a purse full of coin. Stealing from the Captain of the Royal Guard of the House of Elvellon, was never in his plans. But revenge is.

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Sweet Oblivion

I just wanted a night out on the town, a little fun. When Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious walked into the bar, I knew my chances had just increased. Damn, he was fine too. And I planned to have him before the night was through. I just had to get his attention first and then he would be mine. With that in mind, I started across the bar…

Sweet Treats

Brandon and Nicolas immediately know that they have something special. Besides the instant sexual attraction that they feel for each other, they both seem to want the same things in a lover and life mate. But can true love happen overnight?

The Bear Essentials

Orphaned at an early age, Casey Newton has been bounced from foster home to foster home, never quite finding a place to call his own. When a big burly bear shifter decides Casey is his true mate, the cold and lonely world Casey grew up in begins to change, but is it for better or worse?

The Chosen Ones

Myth & Legend

Spencer Dawson is an incubus and in his world, that means he gets five mates to start his coven. Having found his first four consorts, Spencer's life gets turned upside down when he feels a bond to the one man who has the potential to destroy him.

The Master's Pet

The world is in ruins, society divided into those that protect and those that need protection. That protection comes at a price, one that Jiri discovers when he’s sold to Zane, leader of the Death Dealers.

He’s shocked when Zane explains that he wants Jiri as his own personal sex pet. But Jiri couldn’t deny that he’s intrigued by Zane’s proposal.

The Vampire's Assistant

Applying for the personal assistant position to the reclusive Nikolas Vaile, CEO of Vaile Industries, one of the largest pharmaceutical and research companies in the world, seemed a little too high seeking, but what did Jon have to lose? His blood?

(Formally part of the Bite Here anthology - revised & extended by 13,000 words)

Wolf Queen

Katia has loved Mikhail forever. But Mikhail is not all that he seems. He’s a Kindred werewolf and he wants Katia for his mate. Believing that Mikhail doesn’t care for her, Katia flees, but it’s too late. The mating heat has started and must be completed or Katia will die.  


Gypsy's Wolf

Special Edition

Fate never asked Quad or Gypsy what they wanted. It simply gave them what they needed, whether they agreed or not. And when others work to prevent that, fighting together might be the only chance they have of surviving. 

All proceeds will be donated to charity

Ride a Cowboy

From four of today’s best-selling manlove authors. Delve into a paranormal world of destiny and desire, love and lust, and shifters so sexy they make your teeth ache. Savor four intertwining stories that take you from Bear County to Montana and the wilderness beyond as you become engulfed in the flames of romance.

The Sir Series

Volume One

Call Me Master

Pleasing Master

Tasty Treats (Vol. 3): Man to Man

Wolf Creek 3

Donovan and James are mates. The problem? Donovan isn't gay and James is in the closet, but they can't keep their hands off each other.

(Please note: this is the original  2009 version. The revised and extended version of Man to Man can be found here.)

The Wolf Creek Pack Collection

Volume 1

Full Moon Mating

Just A Taste of Me

Man to Man

As the Wolf Creek Pack struggles to keep their mates and secrets safe, will they be able to discover love along the way?

The Tri Omega Mates Collection

Volume 1

Secret Desires

Forbidden Desires


The Tri Omega Mates Collection

Volume 2

Hidden Desires

Stolen Desires