Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Special Operations
Special Operations Character Chart
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John Henry's Beautiful Charlie

Special Operations 1

Sheriff John Henry Harrison didn't even know the old McAdams place had been sold so when he receives a disturbance call, he rushes right out there, positive it's just a bunch of kids causing a ruckus. What he discovers there changes his life in ways he never could have imagined.

Tattooed & Taken

Special Operations 2

Warned away from Robby six months ago, Wren tried to let things take their natural course but when Robby arrives home after being missing for hours, Wren loses the tight grip on his control. What follows is a wild ride that neither of them have any desire to stop.

My Guardian Angelo

Special Operations 3

Going undercover to find the commander of his marine unit was supposed to be easy. When his cover is blown, Bill has to rely on his skills and the sexy guardian angel sent to save him to stay one step ahead of the drug lord determined to take them out.

Harley's Heart

Special Operations 4

After being rescued from ten months spent under the sadistic hands of a Central American drug lord, all Harlan Thomas wants to do is go home to the one man whose memory kept him alive through the hell he endured. Trouble is, Miko is not where Harley left him.

Waiting to Breathe

Special Operations 5

Cecil Montgomery took one look at Manuel Lopez and knew he wanted the handsome Marine in his life. Convincing Manny of that might be harder than anything Cecil has ever faced before, especially when someone seems determined to keep them apart.


Special Operations 6

Being kidnapped, rescued, and having the greatest sex of his life only to wake up alone, has Tyler Pennington broken-hearted. When he overhears something that makes him feel betrayed by everyone he knows, he runs, setting into motion a series of events that brings him right back to where he started—Creed's bed.

Precious Love

Special Operations 7

Frankie Di Salvo thought he had died and gone to heaven the day Porter Reece walked into his life. The man was everything Frankie had always dreamed of. But more than that, Porter's friendly personality and protectiveness drew Frankie like an eager puppy. He was willing to agree to anything to keep Porter.

On Target

Special Operations 8

Haus Jackson was mystified by the voice that came out over his comm-unit and directed him to safety time and time again. He had no idea who the man was, but he couldn't fault his intel. Kevin had saved more times than he could count, but who was he?