Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Dark Court
Give me your life, your love, your forever, as I give you mine.”

In the world of the Aes Sídhe, a mate bond is forever. A powerful, supernatural race of elves, they have moved through the veil between worlds for centuries, bound by honor, an unquenched passion, and a need for a mate to share that bond with. In a world where war between the Courts threatens to destroy all they know, bonding with a mate means looking in some very unlikely places.  

Dark Court Character Chart
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Beyond the Darkness

Dark Court 1

Zack Banning is having a bad day, hell, a bad year. When he discovers a man being attacked and jumps into the fight, it just goes to reason that his life will get more complicated. Someone is after, Eljin, the man he rescued. The same people want to kill Zack. And Zack is convinced that Eljin is nuttier than a bed bug. If he’s not, the very foundation of Zack’s life could change forever.

Beyond Regret

Dark Court 2

When circumstances find Doc and Rocky in the Seelie Court, the two men give into the desire growing between them. It ends with Rocky making a comment that drives Doc from him with a broken heart. When Doc decides to leave on a mission back to the human world it doesn’t turn out like he expects when he meets Monte, the Seelie Elf he’s been sent to rescue, and the most intriguing man he’s ever met.

Beyond Eternity

Dark Court 3

Brandon Thomas liked his job as an orderly but lately, things had started to get a little weird AT WORK. The military has taken over the small institute. A job promotion doesn't lead to a better position, as Brandon thought, but to a sexy elf that says they are mates. Should Brandon believe Kavin or is it all some elaborate ruse by a mad scientist bent on making super solders with his DNA?


Dark Court 4

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