Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
blood contract

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Wolf Creek Pack 8
Danny Erickson knew things were bad when he got called to the dean's office at his university. He just didn't expect to see his estranged father when he arrived or the proposal his father offers him. Little does Danny know that by signing his name on the dotted line, he's agreed to become the personal blood donor to a vampire prince and there is no breaking this blood contract.

Prince Dominic Xavier Lucian Ruelle is dying. He needs a blood donor with pure blood. When Danny is brought to him, Dominic finds himself dealing with feelings he has never experienced before. Falling in love with his blood donor was never part of the contract.

When Danny's life is threatened, Dominic will do anything to save him, even break every rule of his kind. He's even willing to give up his life to save the man he loves. But will it be enough and will it be in time? More importantly, will Danny accept a vampire prince as his mate?

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Vampire,  M/M, Romance

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5 KISSES & RECOMMENDED READ: "Blood Contract by Stormy Glenn, the eighth book in the Wolf Creek Pack series, takes the focus off the werewolves for a while and places it on a coven of vampires.  You can even tell that Dominic, who is in bed very sick and unable to move, is powerful. Once Dominic gains consciousness, his view of life is challenged by a sexy slave named Daniel. Daniel is used to being unwanted; he grew up with a father who never wanted him around and now he’s trapped with vampires who think of him as a happy meal with legs. I liked how Ms. Glenn really made me feel for Daniel, how she made a new world in this book that breaks away from the werewolves and takes us on a journey with some strange and interesting vampires. I will say that so far of all the books in this series, this is my favorite one. I like the stretch for Daniel and Dominic to find love and happiness and the whole vampire coven. I would love to see much more of them in the future." -- Tina, Twolips Reviews


5 CUPS: "Stormy Glenn is one of the most talented writers I have had the pleasure of reading. She makes a whole world come alive in vivid living colors which gives the reader just a taste of a different world. Blood Contract is a beautiful story full of love, pain, confusion and betrayal that true life brings, as well as, a sizzling chemistry most can only dream of. The Wolf Creek Pack series is one of the best series available and the story of Danny and Dominic lives up to it and finds its own niche in the erotic literary bookshelf. I never miss a release by Stormy Glenn and Blood Contract is a fine example of why her books are always on the top of my shopping list." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More


5 CUPS; "Blood Contract is different from the earlier books in the Wolf Creek series and I for one, couldn't put it down. I can't understand how any parent could have such low regard for their child to throw them out of the streets, but the degree of distain Daniel's father had for him was unbelievable. To sell your own child for any reason is loathsome! Even though Dominic knew he could die, he refused to force Daniel to honor the contract he signed under false pretenses. Daniel's willingness to put his life on hold to save Dominic's life was beautiful. It was fascinating how the vampires saw humans as food, never thinking of them as individuals in their own right until Dominic amended the rules. Reading how one vampire immediately took his blood donor for his mate gives me hope that change is possible if one person is willing to lead the way." -- Teresa, Fallen Angels Reviews


4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Even if you hadn’t read any of the others in the Wolf Creek Pack series, you would enjoy Blood Contract and would want to read the rest. Ms. Glenn did a great job weaving this book into the series. I’d love to see more of Danny and Dominic, maybe in Sully’s story. Looking forward to see where she takes the Wolf Creek Pack" -- Samhain Queene, Dark Divas Reviews


"There’s something to be said for sweet ignorance and something else for the power of knowledge which Danny soon learns in Blood Contract, a deliciously dark and sexy story of lovers who meet under the most unlikely of settings.  Blood Contract explodes with drama, tension, and eventually hot loving.  The plotline is layered and detailed, the characters come alive on the pages.  Hopefully we will hear more from this series and learn the fate of Samuel in the near future.  Blood Contract is the best yet!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed



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