Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Phanta City
Phanta City Character Chart
Welcome to the world of Phanta City, where normal is overrated and weird is embraced with open arms. Paranormals rule the world with humans as mere blood donors and pets. In a world dominated by supernatural creatures, anything is possible.
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Beautiful Bela

Phanta City 1

Count Vladimir Dracul never suspected that the human he found hiding in his stables would change his life but once he found Béla, Vlad couldn’t give him up. Fighting against every obstacle imaginable seems small in comparison to the battle he has to fight to win Béla’s heart.

Purr For Me

Phanta City 2

When Pan Thyr is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, he's determined to take down the man responsible for his torture. But being on the run makes it hard to prove his innocence. He is not only fighting to clear his name, but prove to Igorian that they are meant to be together.

Faery Me

Phanta City 3

When Wylde discovers documents in the Ministry archives that hint at a secret long hidden from society, will he have to pay the ultimate price or will his smooth talking vampire be able to save him in time?

Sy Wren's Call

Phanta City 4

Sy Wren has had it up to his ears with the werewolf who is stalking him. That is until he's kidnapped by a demon. His life is becoming increasingly complex. Worse, he is dismayed when he becomes attracted to the demon holding him captive.

Heat of the Night

Phanta City 5

Vampire and werewolves don’t mix. Everyone knows that. But the desire that burns between Fang and Van might stronger than old prejudices and the danger they face when the Ministry starts to hunt them down. If the Ministry doesn’t get them, the heat of the night just might.

Book 6

Phanta City 6

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