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cat's pride

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Scent of a Mate 1

Benji ran away from Stellan three years ago when he discovered that they were mates. Not because he didn't want the alpha as his mate but because Stellan refused him. But now Benji's in trouble and his sexy mate may be the only thing that can save him.

Stellan wanted Benji the moment he met him but Benji didn't have the mating scent. Reluctantly, Stellan agreed to mate with someone else. When he receives a desperate phone call telling him that Benji is in trouble, he wants to ignore it but he can't. Despite everything, he still has feelings for Benji.

Kody is a rogue lion working for the council enforcing their rules. When he receives a call from Alpha Stellan to go check on Benji, a man that disappeared three years ago, Kody agrees. What he finds when he arrives is a mess so terrible, he has nothing left to do but call in the alpha, especially when Kody learns that both Benji and Stellan are his mates.

It will take the three of them to save Benji from the men bent on destroying him, but it will take their love for each other to heal the wounds between them.

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, M/M/M, Romance

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2011 LRC's "Best Paranormal/Fantasy Book " Awards Winner


5 CUPS: "Cat’s Pride is a moving story. The main characters are sexy in their own right but together take the heat factor to a whole other level. The writing is amazing and enthralls the reader and before they know it they read 'the end'. I promise the one thing a reader will ask at the end is, “Can I have another one, please?!” I highly recommend Cat’s Pride and Stormy Glenn to any reader who loves hot men and spicy love." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More


4.5 KISSES: "I love reading Stormy Glenn’s work.  She always writes yummy, strong alphas and deliciously, feisty twinks.  Not only that, she continues to write stories that have great plots, are well written and grab readers such that they have no choice but to fall in love with the characters.  Ms. Glenn writes books that I constantly re-read and Cat’s Pride is no exception." -- Neka, Twolips Reviews


4 HEARTS: "CAT’S PRIDE is another hit for Stormy Glenn. You got lion shifters-sexy, alpha men who make your knees weak with just a glance, sexual tension you can cut with a knife and a broken heart that needs healing among other things…Stormy Glenn left me with a smile when I finished CAT’S PRIDE. The story was one I truly wanted to see a character get his happily ever after. The writing was tight, storyline flowed smoothly and I recommend you grab a towel because the sexual tension between Kade, Benji and Stellen heats things up to boiling. I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for her readers next." -- Dawn, Love Romances and More


"This is everything a reader could want in a tense, character driven romance with loads of emotional impact. Cat’s Pride is impossible to put down. A skillful balance between the sensitive or macho characters and the passionate interplay heats up the pages. Benji is someone to be reckoned with, a powerful strength within a meek exterior. His mates definitely have their own issues. Cat’s Pride is a terrific escape from reality." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed


“This is a fun, light read about three male lion shifters who each have their own dark secrets and histories, have suffered rejection in various forms and have no idea how to have a two-way relationship, never mind a triangle of love interests. I must admit that I really liked this book, even though it wasn't anything radically new and the plot was more about the developing relationship(s) that any big, dark secrets. But then, I am a fan of Stormy Glenn's books and love most of what she writes... If you like a simple, straightforward romance about a suffering man with steely determination to survive, and two stronger males who can't wait to come to the rescue, you will probably like this book.” -– Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews


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