Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Dangerous Dusty

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Brats in Training 3

Dusty has all of the grace of a bull in a china shop. He can trip over air, and has the scrapes and scratched to prove it. Meeting Alexander Sheffield goes just about like everything else in his life. It's a total disaster.

But Alexander is captivated by Dangerous Dusty, so much in fact, that he hires the man to be his personal assistant, even if it’s just so he can keep Dusty from hurting himself. Dusty just needs a little direction in his life, some order, and Alexander is just the man to give it to him.

Now, if he can just keep Dusty alive long enough, because if the accident prone man doesn't hurt himself, Alexander has plans for him, ones that will make Dusty his forever.

Erotic, D/s, M/M, Romance

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“This is a really funny, and heart-warming story. Dusty is super-klutyz and Alexander, who thinks he likes his very calm, very orderly life, doesn't know what hit him when Dusty literally falls into him at the office. These two are great together because they can each bring something into the other's life that wasn't there before. And some of Alexander's "teaching" methods are too hot to handle!...If you like stories that make you smile, if laughter and sexy men go together well in your mind, and if using sex as a "training tool" seems like a fun idea, then you will probably like this story.” -– Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews




























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