Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
A Little Bit of Heaven

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Scent of a Mate 2

Hugh Marshall is disgusted when his father gives him an ultimatum. Mate with the daughters of a neighboring pride or lose his baby brother. Hugh decides to run with both of his brothers. He just has to save a family of white Bengal tigers staying in his father's territory before that can happen. Hugh is shocked when he discovers that the sweetest of the men he rescues, Kye Hara, is his mate, and that means Hugh is an alpha.

Forced to run for their lives, Hugh takes his new family and races to the only place he knows they might be safe, the home of another alpha. Stellan Mihos promised him safety, but will that still hold true when the man discovers Hugh is now an alpha in his own right? And just how pissed is he going to be when it's discovered that Stellan's brother and beta, Neumus, is also Hugh's mate? Will he help them or turn them over to those hunting them?

With his family growing every time he turns around, will Hugh be able to keep them all safe from those that want them dead? Or will he lose his new mates before he even has a chance to claim them?

Erotic, Shifter, Paranormal, M/M/M, Romance

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5 FALLEN ANGELS: “This is the second book in this fast-paced series and I can't wait to read the first book to see how it all started. I was horrified by Aldo's lack of love or caring for everyone in his pack including his sons. It wasn't surprising how Hugh and his brothers had a plan all set to escape, but to find others in the pack did the same thing showed how out of control the whole situation was. Hugh's wiliness to take on the burden of leadership for Kye proved that he, not his father, showed the true measure of an alpha, compassion and loyalty to his pack. At first, Kye appeared to be passive and submissive, but looks proved to be deceiving when Kye stood up and fought for his family. The way Stellan stood up for Hugh, knowing that Aldo would not back down, cemented their alliance and friendship for all time. The love between Kye and Hugh was wonderful by itself, but there could be room for one more special man to complete their circle? This is one action packed and sweet story that shouldn't be missed!” – Teresa, Fallen Angels Reviews


4 KISSES: “A Little Bit of Heaven by Stormy Glenn is second book in the Scent of a Mate series. I will start by stating this book could be read as a standalone, but I believe you will have a better understanding and enjoyment of the nuances in this series if you have read the first book. I love the Marshall brothers, or at least Hugh and Boone. Simon we don't really get to know other than the fact he is an omega. I love the way the brothers band together to protect each other from their father, but this story is about Hugh and his mates. All I can say is that I just loved Hugh. He was an Alpha who didn't particularly want the job, but was willing to fill the shoes when necessary. When meeting his mate made his current situation that much more dangerous, he moved beyond his fear of his father to protect his growing new family. Kye was a sweetheart but with a core of steel. He is willing to follow the lead of his mates but don't let anyone threaten them because small packages come with big bites. The last piece of this mating trio is Neumus. Neumus is just as dominant as Hugh but not as Alpha. He is able to show his strength while at the same time respecting his new alpha and mate. I love how Ms. Glenn was able to seamlessly fit these three men into a strong cohesive unit and look forward to more in this series.” – Tangie, TwoLips Reviews


4 NYMPHS: “Hugh, Kye and Neumus make a good trio. Hugh’s the big protective Alpha, Neumus supports Hugh and protects Kye and Kye is the loving glue that holds them together. It’s a nice mix and their play of emotions is nicely balanced. These three have the intense physical attraction you’d expect from mates, which means of course sizzling hot sex and a few misunderstandings. But there are fun moments and snappy dialogue mixed in with the serious times too. And I can’t forget the well-plotted action-filled scenes either. So, it’s safe to say I had a good time with A Little Bit of Heaven and look forward to the next one.” – Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews


4 STARS: “What can I say but loved, loved and did I say loved this book. By far the better of the two so far with an ending that blew me away, one I never even saw coming. My one and only niggle to this series is the stories seem too short and I hate I get to the end so quickly. I must say well done, Ms Glenn, on your well thought out story... I thought this story was much more intriguing and gave to better insight into the pride politic and the hierarchy of the ride than the first one. I also thought it had a nice suspense quality to it while you were working to uncover the plot of what the former Alpha had in store for his sons. I am looking forward to the next in this series and hope it will involve all the characters from books one and two at some point.” –- Kevin, Hearts on Fire Reviews


“While this is still a pretty light read, just like the first book, it carries more of a serious undertone as the characters uncover some dark machinations and pride politics that had my hair stand on end in places. The bad guys from the first book are back, and while the two lion shifters and white tiger shifter are new main characters, they are linked to the three lion shifters from the first book. I liked seeing those three guys again and finding out how they did... If you like a paranormal romance with different types of shifters trying to get along, if pride politics and dark villains with aspirations to rule the world are what you’re looking for, and if you enjoy hot bedroom interludes with three men figuring out how to please each other most, you will probably like this book.” -– Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews


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