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Bad Dog, No Biscuit


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Animal Magnetism 2

Adjusting to life as a human isn’t easy, especially considering Benny’s growing feelings for the man that rescued him from an evil scientist. Every instinct he has says Stefan is the man for him, but the handsome man runs, making Benny wonder if these overwhelming feeling are all on his side.

After years spent building an empire, Stefan White has finally found something that interests him more than work. He can’t stop thinking about Benny. One night, Stefan gives in to his desires, only to realize the next morning what a mistake he has made. Benny is too sweet and innocent for a man like him. So, Stefan leaves.

Feeling like a fool for loving someone that doesn’t love him in return, Benny leaves to make a life for himself, walking right into the hands of a man that might be more sadistic than the doctor that made him human. With nowhere to turn and no rescue in sight, Benny has to learn to trust himself if he has any hope of returning to the man that makes him want to sit up and beg.

Erotic, Paranormal, M/M, Romance

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