Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Beyond Eternity

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Dark Court 3

Brandon Thomas liked his job as an orderly at the Gervais Institute of Study, but then, things had started to get a little weird. The military moved in, and armed soldiers roamed the halls. Told to report to his supervisor, he's surprised to learn that he has received a promotion.

Brandon's promotion turns into a nightmare when he finds himself poked and prodded by a mad doctor and told he's become part of a government experiment. Escaping seems impossible, until a sexy man with beautiful blue eyes comes to Brandon's rescue.

One thing leads to another, and Brandon finds himself bonded to a Seelie elf from another world. On the run from the institute's retrieval team, Brandon tries to understand everything Kavin is explaining about his world and his kind, all the while wondering if the man is crazy. He has to be, right?

Seeking to keep Brandon safe, Kavin forces the man through the veil between worlds. When circumstances prevent Kavin from immediately following Brandon through the veil, Brandon ends up in the Unseelie Court and in the hands of a total stranger. With no hope of escape, Brandon wonders if he will ever see his perfect elf again.

Erotic, Fantasy, M/M, Mpreg Romance

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published. It has been extensively revised and extended
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5 KISSES: "Dark Court 3: My Eternal Love by Stormy Glenn is a really fun, fast paced and romantic read.  Brandon is human. He never expected to be thrust into the middle of a science experiment or rescued by a creature from another world, but he rolls with it really well. He has questions but he follows his heart. I liked that about him, that he was willing to follow his heart, even when he wasn’t sure where he was going. Kavin is a protective mate; he loves Brandon and does a few things out of sync because of it. Watching him grow in his love was beautiful.  I loved the pure emotional angst in My Eternal Love just as much as the hotter-than-sin man-love and the humor that Ms. Glenn brings to the story.  And there is an ending you will not see coming." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews


4.5 NYMPHS: "My Eternal Love is part of Ms. Glenn’s Dark Court series.  This fantasy series revolves around a group of Elves and their mates, most of whom happen to be human.  In this latest story, human Brandon finds himself bonded to Kavin.  The men’s bonding is intense but comes at an inappropriate time as they have to run for their lives.  Once they cross the veil to Kavin’s world, the story really becomes exciting.  This is also one of those male pregnancy stories, so poor Brandon is in for a few surprises, which will mean the reader is in for a few laughs.  Although the men have only known each other for an extremely short period of time, their connection is strong.  The author does a great job bringing the men’s feelings, especially Brandon’s, across during their time of separation.  There are some interesting turns in the plot as well as more than one emotional reunion." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews


4.5 STARS: "My Eternal Love was the first book I read in this series.  I immediately went out and got the first two to read.  Stormy Glenn has created an amazing series with some twists that are not only intriguing but also very satisfying in more than one way." -- Elise, Sensual Reads






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