Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Highland Heart

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King's Command 1

Co-Authored with Olivia Black

By the King’s Command…

Called before the new king, Laird Artúr was shocked to see his old lover walking through the door. His anger ignites when the king commands them to mate and fortify his borders to the north. He is heartbroken when he discovered that his new mate had no recollection of their time together. Can he forgive Dainéal and let go of the past to build a future with his mate or will his resentment end what they could have before it begins?

Laird Dainéal balks at being commanded to mate, especially to a man he knows has to be insane. Despite how much Artúr insists that they have met before, Dainéal has no memory of the man. And he would have remembered a man that was so sexy he made Dainéal’s teeth ache.

Commanded by their king to establish a stronghold to the north, Artúr and Dainéal have to fight not only their past but those that want to keep them from their future. When betrayal comes from within, the bond between them may be the only thing that saves them.

Erotic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Mpreg, M/M, Romance
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4 STARS: “I enjoyed this story and the journey that Dainéal and Artúr took to reach their happily ever after. I thought the story was well written, and the characters well developed. I am looking forward to seeing where they will take us next in this series.” –- Titania, Manic Readers


4 STARS: “In another installment of the “King’s Command Series”, Olivia Black and Stormy Glenn have given me the pleasure of reading one of the best MM, erotic romance series ever.  It has a little bit of everything…action, intrigue, romance, and insanely awesome sex (definitely have to mention that one)… As I mentioned, this one book out of a series of four.  It can be read as a stand alone because there is enough exposition to understand what is going on with the new king and his reasoning behind his mating of dragons and humans.  They can be read in any order, and they all will suck you into their world.  I thoroughly enjoyed “Highland Heart”, and I will recommend it to anyone who loves MM erotic romance with a bit of the paranormal thrown in.” – Shannon, Cocktails and Books













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