Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
His Dirty Little Secret

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Sammy & Friends Series 3
Graham Craig and Darren Sanford have been having an affair for nearly a year, a secret affair. Graham doesn't want anyone to know. When Darren's emotions become too deeply involved, Graham knows he has to break things off, even if it feels like he's cutting out his own heart.

When his self-imposed separation from Darren becomes more than he can stand, Graham goes back to beg for another chance. He sets out to prove what they have together is special. Then Graham learns some terrifying news that changes everything. Someone has put a hit out on him and everyone he loves is in danger. Graham knows what he has to do. As much as it pains him, Graham tells Darren they are over, again. He knows that this time, Darren will never give him another chance, but at least the man will be alive to hate him. Graham goes into protective custody, along with other members of the drug task force he works on, and his family.

But when well-meaning friends interfere, can Graham save the man he loves before an assassin's bullet gets him, or will he lose Darren before he has a chance to tell him—and the entire world—how much he loves the man?

Erotic Contemporary, M/M, Romance

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5 Ravens and a Recommended Read: "His Dirty Little Secret is a compelling, well-written story about reaching out for love in spite of what society and family members think. It will make you laugh and weep as these two men fight to survive so that they can live to love each another day. As always, I love when Ms. Glenn allows the secondary characters to join in the fun. It’s a wonderful way to follow-up on what’s happening with each of them as they continue to love one another unconditionally. The secondary characters always increase the depth of her stories to make it an absolutely wonderful experience for the reader. Bravo Ms. Glenn, for providing us with a sensual, heartfelt story about conquering ones fears and biases to embrace an everlasting love that fills the heart and soul. I would definitely recommend His Dirty Little Secret to my friends." -- Blackraven's Reviews


4 KISSES: "Stormy Glenn has written an angst-filled love story with His Dirty Little Secret. I found the on again, off again romance to be a little confusing in spots. I think Graham is confused in this book about what he wants in life and where he wants to be, and that rubbed off on me the reader. Darren seemed like a more stable character, with a heart and soul that made you really like him. Graham on the other hand is so confused I felt sorry for Darren that he is in love with such a confused man, but by the end of the book Graham does manage to redeem himself and show he is a really sweet guy, once he makes up his mind to actually commit himself. If you are willing to take the emotional on again, off again ride that His Dirty Little Secret will take you on, it is not a bad one-time read." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews


"His Dirty Little Secret is more than just an emotionally charged gay contemporary romance. It’s action adventure, romantic suspense, family drama, thriller and even romantic comedy. It’s spicy with lots of flavors that tempt you to keep turning the pages of this tasty treat." -- Seriously Reviewed







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