Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
His Gentle Touch

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Gideon Wulfe didn't know he was looking for someone special until he met Micah Adin. Gideon uses his money and power to immediately arrange their wedding that very night, determined to tie Micah to his side for all eternity. But the next morning, Micah doesn't remember Gideon's name or their wedding. Devastated and feeling betrayed, Gideon leaves, promising to send Micah annulment papers.

But Gideon still wants Micah, so he decides to find him and settle things once and for all. What he finds shocks him. Micah is still wearing his wedding ring and refuses to take it off. Micah explains that he still considers himself married to Gideon and there is nothing Gideon can do to change it. Gideon bets differently and takes Micah to bed, unsure if he's trying to prove something to Micah or to himself.

But just when Gideon and Micah are starting to settle down into wedded bliss, someone steps in to separate them. Can Gideon trust his new husband when Micah's own father is trying to frame Gideon for a crime he didn't commit?

Erotic, Contemporary, M/M, Romance

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5 STARS: "His Gentle Touch is the latest release from author Stormy Glenn and both the story and the characters have all the traits that readers have come to expect from her...The plot of this story is interesting, and while at one point I wanted to tell Gideon “he told you what happens when he,” I could also understand the reasons behind why Gideon felt the way he did. All in all this is another great story from this writer, and it is sure to find its way to many keeper shelves." -- Lydia, Rainbow Reviews


5 CUPS: "His Gentle Touch is classic Stormy Glenn, and I loved this story! Ms. Glenn’s characters are always so realistic that your heart breaks right along with theirs when they are hurt. While she often has alphas in her books, they always have a heart of gold, and Gideon is no exception to that rule. I was able to easily relate to both Micah and Gideon and what they were going through. The sex, as always, is very hot. However, the emotions expressed between these two make this story a real jewel, and one that I will be reading over and over as time goes on. If you like big strong alphas with even stronger hearts and diminutive sexy young men who have the same, then you will definitely want to read this book. In my opinion, when it comes to writing romance in all its many forms, Stormy Glenn rocks!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance and More


5 CHERRIES: "This is a riveting, heart-warming story that will send you on an emotional roller coaster ride and have you begging for more. Ms. Glenn had me laughing to the point I was hysterical, sad to the point I was crying, frustrated that I wanted to scream, extremely mad at Micah’s father and so happy I was crying again. I didn’t want to put this book down. In actuality, I read it twice before I did finally put it down. This was my first book by Ms. Glenn and I will definitely be picking up more and will recommend it to my friends. In addition, I think you will also love reading Micah and Gideon’s story." -- Tuberose, Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Review


5 ANGELS: "Ms. Glenn has written a story that entranced me from the very beginning. I am fascinated by the way Micah refused to give up his dreams in spite of all the difficulties life placed in his path. It is unfortunate that Micah's father is like so many people who refuse to accept that people may have differences, but we all share the same desires for life, love, and family. Gideon is the perfect example of a Knight in shinning armor when he comes to Micah's aid, but when the tables are turned we will see how far Micah will go to protect his man. The love between them is poignant and very beautiful. Thanks go to Ms. Glenn for incredible story." -- Teresa, Fallen Angels Reviews


5 STARS: "His Gentle Touch will have your own libido on the rise and make you wish you had a Gideon of your own. Stormy Glenn has penned another emotionally satisfying read with His Gentle Touch, a story guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face." -- Elise, Sensual Reads


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