Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Pax's Blues

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Lady Blue Crew 2

Co-Authored with Lynn Hagen

Paxton chambers lived from hand to mouth, doing things he despised to survive. When one of the crew members of the Lady Blue asks him to help out, Pax is quick to lend a hand.

Colt Walking Cloud is a member of the Lady Blue crew. He's fast, quick, and quiet, a deadly weapon with a sniper rifle. When he discovers that the little blue man is his mate, Colt goes on the hunt.

Pax can never understand what anyone is saying. He thinks his intelligence is under par. Colt takes him under his wing and shows him a life Pax never dreamed of having.

When Lady Blue is infested with slug-like worms with a lethal mucus, it’s up to the crew to irradiate them. The only thing stopping them is the fact the Pax has taken a liking to them and will do whatever he can to save them, even launch the escape pod.

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Futuristic, SciFi, M/M, Romance

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5 KISSES: "Pax’s Blues by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen...Pax doesn’t always understand what people are saying to him and he’s very literal while half of the people on the ship speak in non-literal terms.  This language barrier on the ship makes things very difficult for him and makes having a mate even harder.  Once Cult realizes Pax is his mate, he’s willing to overlook what he considers strange and odd behavior.   

Colt is a tough ops warrior, he’s the kind of man you want to have at our back in any fight.  Watching Colt discover his softer side was a beautiful thing; he’s a multi-layered character and Pax is willing to help him explore them all.  While there are some hot and intense man love scenes in this book, it’s the main storyline which had me hooked and wanting to read more.  I can’t want to find out what’s in store for the Lady Blue Crew or to find out who gets to take the plunge into love next." -- Tina, TwoLIps Reviews


5 FALLEN ANGELS: "The Lady Blue Crew series has a fascinating assortment of characters that never fail to amuse and amaze the reader. I loved how Pax never quite understood what anyone was telling him, but managed to get along anyways. It was enjoyable how the paranormal and sci-fi parts of the book blended to create a story that I couldn't put down until it ended. Colt's love and patience of Pax was beautiful to experience. The crews' reaction to the alien slugs being on board was funny, but Gig and Pax's solution was hysterical. It was hilarious when Gigi said he couldn't wait until the unmated crew got their own mates so they could out maneuver them better. That put the story into an unbelievable and unforgettable nutshell for me!" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews


4 NYMPHS: "Pax’s Blues is the second release in Lady Blue Crew, the futuristic shape-shifter series by Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn. It’s another entertaining, lighthearted and fun read. The author development of the character personalities is nicely done... I look forward to the next release, Imlay’s Cure." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews


4 CUPS: "Every so often you just need a story that will lighten up your day, and this one hits the mark. Pax and his buddy, Gigi, are hilariously funny, and their antics are sure to keep you in stitches time and time again. As with any couple Colt and Pax have their differences, but the love and kindness they share makes their passion all the more delectable. These guys are a trip, and I am eagerly awaiting the next duo to hook up on the Lady Blue." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More


4 HEARTS: "I love the series. I loved this book. The adventures of the Blue Lady Crew is simply delightful and Pax's story is very sweet. The little blue man is adorable, the very heart of the story. The collaboration between the authors was a stroke of genius. This is their style and they are skilled at writing it. Colt and Pax are good as a couple, each seeming to have exactly what the other needs. I really appreciated the humor in this one. There are funny moments that had me laughing out loud. The sexy scenes between the mates are hotter than hot. It's a well put together story by two of the best authors in this particular genre. I can't wait to read the next adventure in the continuing series." -- Beverly, The Romance Studio


"Pax’s Blues turns to sighs of pleasure for a blue man and a hawk shifter. There’s no end of wild and wooly adventures for the crew of the Lady Blue in Pax’s Blues. And then there’s the mucus covered slugs that will make you laugh out loud before their interesting departure. Pax’s Blues blends tender romance and sublime slapstick with satisfying results. Enjoy!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed


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