Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

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Kyrinen was pretty sure that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket when someone tries to assassinate the president. He was positive of it when Martial Law was declared and armed soldiers stood on every corner. He knew it was time to get out of town and lay low before things got worse.

Before he can leave, a man comes into his life that changes everything. Sebastian Haq is unlike anyone Kyrinen has ever met. For one, Haq can talk to Kyrinen through a telepathic link. When Haq starts talking about other worlds and bondmates and spaceships, Kyrinen has to decide if great sex is worth having a boyfriend that is completely off his rocker.

While Kyrinen just plans on getting out of town, Haq wants to get them off the planet. Can Kyrinen trust the madman or should he cut his losses and stay on Earth?

Erotic, Scifi, M/M Romance

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5 CUPS: "Starman is a beautiful love story. Haq and Kyrinen were meant for each other from birth and deep down Kyrinen knew it to be true, even when he never wanted to accept it. I enjoyed the story of Earth on the edge along with the suspense of escape. Starman is an adventure on every page with a whole lot of romance and sizzling scenes to mix up the perfect cocktail to ensnare the senses and give the reader a wild ride." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More


4 KISSES: "Starman by Stormy Glenn is an enjoyable read.  I loved the relationship between Kyrinen and his best friend Angela; she’s great at being a sounding board for Kyrinen and calling him on it when he acts like an ass.  Poor Haq, he’s dealing with a time crunch as well as an outlandish story. Kyrinen doesn’t handle change well and Ms. Glenn made this obvious to the reader.  I loved how she allowed Kyrinen to have the time he needs, while at the same time moving the story along.  She gives us insight into Kyrinen’s character but doesn’t belabor the obvious -which I think is a wonderful gift for a writer to have. I think Haq deals with the hand he’s given admirably, he doesn’t hide that he has loved and hunted for Kyrinen for a while.  He understands that the story he has to tell Kyrinen is so out there, that he needs to give him some space, but not too much.  Overall, I think this is a good book and an enjoyable read." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews


"Entertaining and passionate, Starman is an out of this world treat. The imaginative Starman allows clever characters to build their own complex world while the secondary characters add their strong voices to the many layers of this plot. The only negative is that explanations given at the end are somewhat rushed. Nonetheless, Starman offers a vivid, compelling romance for your enjoyment." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed










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