Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Tank's Tweak

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Lady Blue Crew 5

Co-Authored with Lynn Hagen

Tank knows that Zachary is his mate. He just doesn't understand why Zachary won't allow himself to be claimed. The waiting is tearing him apart. But with the Elite Force after them and a bounty on their heads, keeping Zachary alive seems more important than claiming him.

When the Lady Blue is unexpectedly sucked through a wormhole and crash lands on old earth, keeping Zachary alive may be harder than Tank originally thought. With the ship needing repairs and the threat of discovering hanging over their heads, Tank tries to keep Zachary safe while keeping him at arm's length. When he learns that Zachary wants to mate him, he just has to perform a sacred ritual of his people first, Tank does everything in his power to get Zachary back to his planet and their own time period. But will it be enough? Or will they be discovered before tank can claim his mate?

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Futuristic, SciFi, M/M, Romance

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5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Tank's Tweak is a fast-paced, action-filled story that held me riveted from the start. There is much scientific discussion about what would happen if someone encountered a wormhole and it was fascinating to experience it as the crew lived through the harrowing event. Tank couldn't understand why Tweak wouldn't allow him to claim him, but once he understood, it was wonderful to see how he was willing to move heaven and earth to please his man. It was funny how Tweak's mother was just as unusual and fierce as Tank described her, keeping Tank on his best behavior. Tweak's love for his mother was as beautiful and strong as hers was for him. I can't imagine how I would react if I stumbled upon a craft from the future, but Mo seemed to adapt without problems. There is never a dull moment in the lives of the Lady Blue Crew." -- Teresa, Fallen Angels Reviews


5 KISSES: "Tank’s Tweak is the fifth book in the Lady Blue Crew Series by Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn. This series should be read in order. Each story builds on the previous one. Now the Lady Blue crew are in a jam stuck on old Earth with no real technology and no way home. To top it all off, Tank and Zackary finally want to mate. Zackary just wants his own world’s traditions and rituals. I like the fact he wants to do it right. He wants to start off on the best foot possible with his mate. Tank is a tough guy. He is big he is deadly but he is also very loving and sweet. Watching him melt for his mate is just sweet. I am loving the Lady Blue Crew and I hope there are many more of these fun action packed stories by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen in the future." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews


"Snappy dialogue, a zany somewhat improbable plotline, and great characters present Tank’s Tweak, the fifth book in the popular Lady Blue Crew series. Zackary and Tank’s troubled path to love comes to life on the pages of Tank’s Tweak. Nobody can keep a straight face once Zackary starts talking. The dual talents of authors Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn prove their skills with this enchanting tale. Tank’s Tweak is a treat." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed











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