Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
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MAN TO MAN by Stormy Glenn

[Erotic M/M Alternative Paranormal Romance] Donovan and James are mates. The problem? Donovan isn't gay and James is in the closet, but they can't keep their hands off each other. Wolf Creek Pack #3

BOILING POINT by Tymber Dalton

[M/F/M Paranormal Menage Romance] What do you get when you mix a fire dragon with an ice dragon and toss in one goddess? A whole lot of steam!

SWAN SONG by Blaze Ballantine

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[M/F/M Paranormal Menage Romance] Kristen knows the rules of the pack. When she dares to cross the line, Kort and Jakob are waiting to capture--and to love--her.

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5 BLUE RIBBONS: "I have to admit, I am not really a fan of stories about same sex relationships, but MAN TO MAN surprised me, and was a very good. Ms. Glenn did an excellent job showing the feelings between Jim and Donovan, and showing how they tried to work past their issues. Excellent job!" -- Noelle, Romance Junkies


4 CUPS: "This story is classic Stormy Glenn and is part of the Wolf Creek Pack stories. In fact, it takes place during Full Moon Mating, you just get to see things from Joe’s brother’s and Donovan’s perspective. I really love how Ms. Glenn brought these two together, and of course the incredibly decadent sex did not hurt either! Just getting to read this book made the whole anthology worth it!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance and More


4 LADYBUGS: “OK you got me I only read the first one in this collection and that is because I have read the preceding wolf creek books. This is a very short story but passionate and well worth the price of admission. I may at some point go back and read the other stories but not right now. I loved this story it was short and sweet and very hot. Both men are shifters and very guarded. One is so in the closet he could be in Narnia the other has his coat and mittens on. (analogy pinched from the author T J Klune.) But it works because they are both stubborn with it so won’t give up, perfect!!.” -- Kerry, Musings of a Bookworm


"Stormy Glenn brings two sexy werewolves together in Man to Man. I loved Donovan's  protector/alpha male persona.  He possess all the right attributes to be a leader, yet he chooses to be a follower and help others.  I had a hard time getting to know James.  He seems like a strong character but I felt like he was the the weaker of the two characters.  While this short story can be considered a standalone, I do suggest reading prior Wolf Creek Pack novels before taking on this short for better understanding of the overal setting and situations." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews  


Full of paranormal variety -- "Donovan and his brother have been sent to Wolf Creek Pack to help them with protecting the mate of one of their pack. What Donovan did not expect to find was his own mate, and even more surprising that it was another man. Donovan has always enjoyed women so when he finds himself drawn to James he is not sure how to feel. James has always known that he was more attracted to men than women, but he didn't want to let his family or his pack know that he wanted another man as his mate. When he first sees Donovan all his plans to keep his preference quiet are over, he wants to be with him and he will not hide it from anyone anymore. Man to Man shows how two men can overcome the fears of what others will think." -- Annette Stone, ParaNormal Romance


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