Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Terra Nova: Volume one

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Capturing Cas

Terra Nova 1

Escaping from a general intent on forcing him into a life he didn’t want, Cas crash lands on a planet that was supposed to be inhospitable and desolate. It was anything but. Captured and mated before he even understood that the barren planet teemed with life, Cas finds himself living in a compound filled with warriors and families and three brothers who state that he belongs to them. Made a pet, Cas learns what it means to be loved by three warriors blessed by the goddess.

When trouble arrives, Cas as to decide if he will make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the way of life for his mates or will he allow the general to take everything from him, maybe even his life?



The Major's Warriors

Terra Nova 2

Major Jacob “Jake” O’Connell is a career soldier. He did as he was ordered. When he was brought in on Project Alliance, he never dreamed it would lead him to another world. But as the mission he’s sent on turns into something he wants more than his next breath, Jake has to decide if turning his back on everything he has ever known is worth accepting the three catmen that want to claim him as their own.

When Terra Nova is threatened, taking him back to Earth, Jake has to fight for his freedom and the freedom of the world he now considers his home. But the betrayal is deep and comes from an unexpected source. Can Jake and his warriors work together to defeat their enemies or will Jake be forced to choose between earthlings and aliens?














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