Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Wicked West


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King's Command 4

Co-Authored with Olivia Black

By the King’s Command…

Prince Grigory Krayev is thrilled when the king mates him to a handsome dragon prince. His excitement quickly turns to uncertainty when he learns there are two of them. How could he ever hope to please two dragons that didn’t need him when they had each other?

Prince Konstantin Victorovich is angered when the king orders him to mate a human. He already has a lover. He doesn’t need another one. When he discovers just who the king wants to mate him to, Konstantin realizes he might have to rethink his objection.

Prince Mikhail Dubolazov has loved Konstantin for years, serving the man faithfully as his manservant just to be at his side. When the king orders Konstantin to mate, Mikhail sees his life slipping away. Even when his status is elevated to that of a prince, Mikhail worries he will never have what it takes to keep them.

When forces beyond their control threaten all they hold dear, they will need more than trust to keep them together. They will need the belief that only by standing with each other do they have a chance of beating a foe that works in the shadows. 

Erotic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Dragon Shifter, Mpreg, M/M/M, Romance
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4.5 STARS: “Ms. Glenn and Ms. Black presented new challenges in this addition to the series. We have a melding of a new relationship into an old and all the differing parts that brings outside of the sex, which was hot by the way. I loved how well they articulated the feelings and desires of each character. Each character was equal in the relationship and it showed. This story was well written and a wonderful addition to this series.” -- Titania, Manic Readers


4.5 STARS: “Love! Love!! Love!!! For quite awhile now, I’ve stayed away from dragon shifters. I guess I didn’t find them to be very…believable (as if wolves, lions, panthers, bears, and the like ARE). I have no idea what got into me. “Wicked West” is the second dragon shifter book I’ve read in one week, and it’s awesome!...I’ve been reading some really awesome books lately, and I’ve declared a few of them to be my favorites of 2015. “Wicked West” now joins the ranks. It’s just an all around awesome story.” – Shannon, Cocktails and Books














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