Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Whatever He Desires

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Tribal Bonds 4

Drew Hamilton didn’t know why his lover suddenly left him. He just knew that he left. And Drew’s heart had been slowly dying ever since. When he attends a party with his roommate, he never expects to find his ex-lover, or discover the world Garret had been hiding from him from the moment they met.

Garret LaGaffe never wanted to leave Drew but he felt he had no other choice when he was ordered home by his Electus. Drew is human and bringing him back to a vampire tribe could endanger Drew more than Garret was willing to allow. Giving Drew up was a better choice…or so Garret believed until Drew showed up at a party hosted by his tribe.

Misunderstandings and hard decisions add to an already dangerous situation as Garret tries to find a way to have Drew in his life without putting the man in danger. When all of his effort results in the very thing he was working so hard to avoid, can Garret put aside his fear long enough to rescue his anamchara or will he lose Drew to his fears?

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Vampire, M/M, Romance

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4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: “Whatever He Desires by Stormy Glenn told the tale of Garret, vampire, and Drew, human, and their journey as friends, lovers, and mates. I found the story heart-felt and touching as Garret’s sole purpose in life was to protect his family and his mate. Unfortunately, in protecting them, he hurt the one person that mattered most, his mate. What I most liked about the book was the pace of acceptance and not the standard; mates meet and jump into the sack, that we so often readMs. Glenn took the slower approach with Garret and Drew, which made for a story of depth and not solely of lust or sex. As a fan of the Tribal Bonds series, I have enjoyed each book and look forward to more stories.” -- Evelise, Dark Diva Reviews




















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