Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Chameleon Wolf

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Delta Wolf 1

Co-Authored with Joyee Flynn

Zac Sheehan is a Delta wolf, the council enforcer, sent out to eliminate those that broke the rules. It’s a lonely existence, leaving him on the fringes of werewolf society. All Zac wants is to find his mate and live in peace.

While on a mission, Zac finds the one thing he’s been looking for all of his life, his mate. Matt is everything Zac ever wanted in a mate, loving, caring, and drop dead gorgeous. Zac couldn’t be happier, or so he thinks. But as another mission looms, Zac discovers that things could be more dangerous than he thought. The wolf he’s been sent to eliminate is his other mate.

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, M/M/M, Romance

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Best Anthology/Multi-Authors Book 2010

Winner of Best Anthology/Multi-Author Book of 2010 by Love, Romance Cafe Reader's Choice Awards.


5 CUPS & CTRR: "Chameleon Wolf is one of those books that once you start it, you just cannot put it down! Zac, Matt, and Aiden are positively combustible on their own, but put them together you have an explosion worthy of an encore. I loved the premise of this story. The whole idea of delta werewolves is very cool. I especially enjoyed reading about their special abilities, and how they both affect others, as well as, how they can be used. Ms. Glenn and Ms. Flynn have really outdone themselves with this one, and I for one cannot wait to read the next book in this series! I have just one thing to say, “Keep them coming please!” -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance and More


5 ANGELS: "Ms. Glenn and Ms. Flynn have created a fast paced and intriguing story that ensnared me from the start. I fell in love with Matt from the very beginning. He felt that he wasn't worthy of having a mate such as Zac, but his unique abilities and intelligence made both of his mates stand up and take notice. Zac may be large and in charge, but Matt's strength of character drew both his mates to him for all time. Aiden is a Beta, but his loving personality and physical prowess is just what his mates want. The erotic scenes are scorching hot and filled with love and laughter. I will be waiting for the next installment in the Delta Wolf series. Thanks go to Ms. Glenn and Ms. Flynn for an incredible ride!" -- Teresa, Fallen Angels Reviews


4 KISSES: "Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn’s Chameleon Wolf is the first in the Delta Wolf series. I really enjoyed Zac and his mates. Zac is weary of killing people. After a lifetime of killing for the council, it is wearing on his soul. Matt is just what he needs to soothe his soul. Matt is young care free and eager to please. His enjoyment keeps Zac laughing and young at heart.  Zac’s second mate, Beta Aiden Kane, is in grave danger from the leader of his pack. The leader thinks that by destroying Aiden, he can gain control over his enemies. Only things do not go as planned. Zac falls hard for him. But what does that mean for the eager Matt? Can the three of them be together and have their happily everafter?" -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews


4 CHERRIES: "Chameleon Wolf is an engrossing, fast paced read about an unloved man finding true happiness when all he had going for him was doing his job. It’s a story showcasing a hardened man coming out of his shell to learn to trust, to reach out and learn to express his love in all ways that matter. I was entertained and am glad I read this book." -- Xeranthemum, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews


"Chameleon Wolf offers up sexy lovemaking, engaging characters, suspense and some surprises as well.  Fast pacing, a solid plotline and the three lusty wolves make Chameleon Wolf an entertaining tale to savor.  The new Delta wolf series is a hot and exciting thrill ride.  Readers are sure to fall for Zac, Matt and Aiden, plus with any luck we will get to hear about companion Sebastian’s story soon.  Chameleon Wolf is definitely a guilty pleasure to enjoy." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed


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