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Elemental Demon 1

Tehmper is a fire demon, devoted to hunting down Shayātīn. One such mission leads him to Gabe, his mate. He bites Gabe and claims him. But convincing Gabe to return to Jinnistan is harder than Tehmper thought. When more rogue demons attack, trying to take Gabe, it's all Tehmper can do to convince Gabe to leave with him, especially when the man is so angry over the destruction of his home.

When Tehmper and Gabe are met at the portal gate by the ruling Amir and his personal guards, Tehmper has no choice but to turn his mate over or risk Gabe's life. He vows to do everything in his power to free Gabe, even if it means returning him to the surface world. But can he save Gabe before the Amir turns him into royal consort or will Gabe lose his head to the executioner's axe?

Erotic, Paranormal, Demon, M/M Romance

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5 KISSES & RECOMMENDED READ: "Fire Demon by Stormy Glenn combines the best in elements with M/M loving and sexy demons.  Once I started, I literally couldn’t stop reading. I really enjoyed meeting the demon world - Tehmper is one sexy demon.  I hope there are more stories like this from Ms. Glenn.  I will definitely be the first in line to read them!" Tina, TwoLips Reviews


5 ANGELS: "Ms. Glenn has started what I hope will be the first in a new series. Filled with action, Demon Fire has plot twists, fascinating characters and scorching love scenes that that keep the reader riveted until the very end of the book and panting for more." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews


5 CUPS: "This book was a little different from Ms. Glenn’s other books in that instead of werewolves one half of the couple is a demon. I wondered how she was going to pull off this particular storyline, and I am excited to say she did so with flying colors! I am not usually a fan of stories where demons are the good guys, but this book far outweighed my expectations for it. I absolutely loved it! Tehmper and Gabe are the perfect couple, and I loved the fact that Tehmper was the first person who actually really touched Gabe’s emotions. Of course Tehmper being a good guy did not hurt the storyline either. The world building in this story is fantastic, and the book has a feeling of, “this is the truth behind the fairytale,” which in my opinion really made it a stellar read. Of course the sex is singe worthy as usual, but the emotions mixed in make this a particularly extraordinary read. Whether you are a Stormy Glenn fan or not, you simply do not want to miss out on this book!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance & More


4 DARK DIVAS: "Stormy Glenn has introduced us to another riveting couple and intriguing world in Fire Demon...I enjoyed Fire Demon. It is passionate and a world I’d like to see more of. I hope Ms. Glenn will bring us a thrilling sequel." -- Samhain Queene, Dark Diva's Reviews


4 STARS: "FIRE DEMON is the first in the Elemental Demons series by Stormy Glenn and it is a fascinating, intriguing world that she has created. What do you get when you cross a cop from the surface world and a fire warrior from below the surface? A scorching hot tale that will have you wishing for more...The villain was one of those completely amoral people that you love to hate. I liked this new world and the characters that were introduced and can't wait to see what Ms. Glenn has planned next." -- Tyra Berger, The Romance Reviews


"Scorching hot lovers and an original tale will captivate and enthrall readers in Fire Demon.   Complete opposites, yet perfectly matched in temperament, Gabe and Tehmper are worlds apart to put it mildly, but watching them figure things out is half the fun in Fire Demon.  The other enjoyable half is the rest of the characters in this thoroughly unique setting.  Readers are given little description of the demon world, though, which is a pity. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that Nick isn’t left hanging, without his own demon lover.  Fire Demon is primal, intriguing, and totally hot entertainment." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed


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