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assassins Inc.
Assassins Inc. Character Chart
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Just Bob

Assassins Inc. 1

My name is Bob. It's just Bob. If the karmic universe could have crapped on someone, I was it. Exciting, right? Yeah, no. There is nothing exciting in my life. Ever. That all changed when someone put a contract out on my life.

Stone Cold Lover

Assassins Inc. 2

Now that I had replaced Councilman James as leader of the panther shifters, I figured life would get a little easier. Boy, was I wrong. Between losing my mate and the attempts on my life, I have to find out what happened to seven missing shifter kids, and I don't know who I can trust.

Strength of an Assassin

Assassins Inc. 3

I was an assassin, one of the strongest. My strength was my asset when completing my missions until I was captured and forced to fight in cage matches for the entertainment of others. My salvation came in the form of the man I was forced to mate.