Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Flight of Fancy


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Wolf Creek Pack 12

Eddie Jacks is on the run. He just wants to make it back home so he can pack his stuff before his ex-boyfriends comes after him. When he reaches his seat on the airplane, it’s occupied by a striking man with a broken nose. But there’s an air of mystery around the ruggedly handsome man that makes Eddie wish for things best forgotten.

Virgil Brown just wanted to make it back to Wolf Creek. After a particularly long and dangerous mission, he’s a little banged up and in need of some serious sleep. When a cutest guy he’s ever seen takes the seat next to him, Virgil is confused by the instant interest he has in the klutzy man.

Deciding to see where things go, Virgil discovers that there is more to Eddie than meets the eye. Not only is Eddie his mate, but the man has secrets even Eddie wasn’t aware of. When his ex comes for him, Virgil and Eddie have to trust that fate won’t tear them apart when they just found each other.

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Vampire, M/M, Romance

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5 SHOOTING STARS: "I love the Wolf Creek Pack series by Stormy Glenn so I was ecstatic when I saw she was releasing Flight of Fancy, the twelfth story in this saga. This story can be read as a standalone. And once you start you will be just as fascinated by Eddie as Virgil is...Ms. Glenn has a way of writing that makes the implausible possible and in such a way that is believable (even for paranormal). I found myself rooting for Eddie even as Virgil offered his protection. I loved that Eddie’s quirks were accepted and even enjoyed by Virgil. Eddie brought lightness to both the story and those around him even as his circumstances were dark and somewhat bleak. That is a skill that Ms. Glenn brings to her characters that keeps me coming back again and again to the worlds she creates." -- Luna, Redz World Reviews.


3.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "As a fan of Stormy Glenn’s Wolf Creek Pack, I was glad to see a new book in the series. Flight of Fancy was light-hearted, sweet and threw a few curve balls. Virgil and Eddie met on an international flight and although the attraction was immediate Virgil’s unhealed broken nose prohibited him from scenting his mate. Good thing it all worked out in the end. Flight of Fancy brought old characters back into the fold and delivered the making of potentially more books, with the introduction of new ones. I adored Eddie’s clumsier than not persona, yet his inner strength and drive radiated throughout. Virgil was sweet, strong and fiercely protective. Flight of Fancy made me smile and I look forward to more." -- Evelise, Dark Diva Reviews













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